Best Games Of The Year 2021 Official Livestream The Game Awards 2021 Google Play Best Games 2021

Best Games Of The Year 2021 Official Livestream The Game Awards 2021 Google Play Best Games 2021

What's Up Everybody, I Am Ariel Powers.

I Will Be Presenting The Best Mobile Game Percent If I Verizon. I'll See You Soon.


 Back In The Summer Of 2019 I Visited This First Time Developer In His Studio In The United Kingdom. He Told Me His Dream Was To One Day Share His Game With The World At The Game Awards. Well, That Dream Is About To Come True. Enjoy.


Game Awards 2021
Games Awards 2021
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Best Games Of The Year 2021
Best Game Of The Year 2021

[Applause] Geoff: I Cannot Wait To Play Somerville -- Thanks To Chris Olsen And The Team At Jumpship For That One. Next, We're Going To Head To The Stage For A Very Special Performance From A Much-Loved Game Studio.


Best Games Of The Year 2021

 Cuphead Mug Man And Chalice Make A Deal As A Team Adventuring To Help Make Chalice Real It's The Delicious Last Course Oh, The Delicious Last Course One Can Eat Their Fill And Still Stay Until The Delicious Last Course It's The Delicious Last Course Oh, That Delicious Last Course 

There's Tarts, Cakes, And Pies And A Dozen Scones Oh, My! For That Delicious Last Course Oh, Miss Chalice Just Wants To Be Just As Real As Real Can Be With The Wonder Tart She Could Then Take Heart It's Off To The Bakery Chef Salt Baker Has A Plan The Best Tart Maker In The Land If They're Expedient With The Ingredients Then He Might Just Lend A Hand With That Delicious Last Course Oh, The Delicious Last Course 

If There's A Single Meal To Help Make Chalice Real It's The Delicious Last Course Oh, The Delicious Last Course Oh, The Delicious Last Course Searching Al Carte To Bake The Wonder Tart For The Delicious Last Course Using Recipes To Get Necessities For The Delicious Last Course With A Wink And A Song As Long As Nothing Goes Wrong! With That Delicious Last Course [Cheers And Applause]


Game Awards 2021

 Looks Like It's Bon Voyage To Our Old Pals! They Are Off On Their Next Adventure, This Time To Dlc Island. What Challenges Await In This Enchanted Land? What Better Way To Explore The Island Then Wish They Leisurely Climb Of The Mountains. Just Remember To Watch Your Step. Or Perhaps The Icy Tundra Is More To Your Liking. Don't Forget To Pack Your Mittens. Lookout For The Walloping Winter. 

Best Games Of The Year 2021

Next Up The Dramatic Western Plains Under The Watchful Eye Of Sheriff Winchester. What's This? It's Chef Salter Baker With His Famous Cookies. He's The Best Baker In The Land. His Cookies Are Sure To Put Some Pep In Your Step. And You'll Need It, For There Is A New Challenge Waiting Around Every Corner On The Amazing Dlc Island. [Cheers And Applause] Geoff: We Have A Date June 30th 2022, The Delicious Last Course, You Saw The Trailer For Sonic 2 The Movie, Now It's Time For The Blue Guy To Give You A Glimpse At His Next Game, Also Coming In 2022. 


The Game Awards 2021

 Over Here. 

 I Got A New Job For You.

It's Just Temporary.

 Folks Here, They Don't Make No Never Mind Who You Are Or What

You've Done.

 Everything Has Got To Be New These Days, Sensational.

 Let The Mirrors Show You Who You Are.

 I Would Love To Learn Anything You Want To Teach Me.

 I Can Read A Marked Quick And Find Out What They Want To.

 Folks Will Pay Good Money Just To Make Themselves Feel Better.


 When A Man Believes His Own Lies And People Get Hurt , And You Will Lie -- You Try To Find Your Way Out To.  I Warned You, Didn't I? There Is No Way Out.  Guillermo: Wow, That Was The Best Trailer I've Seen Since Death Stranding. Onto Awards Business, I Am Now Honored To Be Announcing The Best Art Direction Category. These Nominees -- Across A Broad Variety Of Budgets And Genres -- Each Found Their Own Path To Combining Visual Design, Music, And Animation Into Their Own Distinct Expression Of Intent And Purpose. 

You Know One Franchise I Love The Art Direction In...Silent Hill. When Are We Going To Get A New One Of Those? Anyhow, Here Are The Nominees For Best Art Direction.  Announcer: Best Art Direction.        Guillermo: And The Game Award For Best Art Direction Goes To... Deathloop.  [Cheers And Applause]



The Game Awards 2021

 Last Night I Made A Bet That Guillermo Del Toro Would Be Giving This Award. I Will Stick To My Speech. Thank You, Wherever You Are. Thanks To The Game Awards. I Have A Flashback Of When I Was Studying The 60s Era By Watching This Movie, Scrutinizing The Sets And The Lighting, Also Thank You For Rewarding Our Patience For Visual Expression And Craftsmanship, Our Attention To Detail. 

Our Players Seem To Really Appreciate It. Tonight I'm Proud, I Think The Guys Across The Ocean, Thanks For This Cool Adventure. We Did It. Thanks To The Great People At Sony And Microsoft, Our Families And Friends, Lastly I Would Like To Dedicate This Award To The Boss. Piece. [Applause]


Game Awards 2021

 Geoff: Congrats To All The Winners So Far, And Right Now We Are Excited To Announce Additional Winners Tonight! In The 100% Fan Voted Players Voice Category, Here Are The Final Five Nominees. As Voted On By Fans. And The Game Award Goes To... Halo Infinite, Congratulations. For Best Rpg, Here Are The Nominees. And The Game Award Goes To. Tales Of Arise. For Best Score & Music, Here Are The Nominees. And The Game Award Goes To... Nier Replicant. 

Next Up Is Content Creator Of The Year, But First, Let's Hear From Fans And Creators Themselves On Who They Want To Win. I Want To Dream To Win.  It's All About The Beard, You Got To Vote.  My Name Is Emily, I Would Like To Nominate For Creator Of The Year. Geoff: Let's See Who Was Right. Here Are The Nominees For Content Creator Of The Year. And The Game Award Goes To... Dream. Congratulations, Dream, Not Here In Person. Here Are The Nominees For Best Multiplayer Game. 

And The Game Award Goes To… It Takes Two. Joseph, You Did It. I've Learned To Keep Microphones Away From Him. Now To Present The Best Mobile Game, Please Welcome Wnba Player And Team Liquid Streamer, Aerial Powers.  Aerial: Thanks Geoff! Here Are The Nominees For Best Mobile Game, Presented By Verizon. And The Game Award Goes To... Genshin Impact. Stay Right Here, We've Got More Game Awards Coming Up After This.  What's Good? Rocking The Podcast Spotlighting People Of Color In The Video Game Industry.

The Game Awards 2021

 I Think When You Have Those Seminal Moments Within The

Culture And Within

The World What You See That Throws

You, You Just Don't Know What To Do.

You're Confused, You Are Upset, You Feel Hurt.

The Thing I Can Do And Put Out In The World Is A Show.

But I Know Things Are Very Difficult, I Know Things Are All

Over The Place And Lots Of Different Ways.

 It's Scary, There's No Other Way To Put It.

Him It Is Scary To Be Black In This Country Today.

 I'm A Black Mom, So I'm Scared.

 Sat Down And Ran Through Our Feelings And Emotions.

 I'm Glad You Can Ignore This Shift Because It's Politics But

There's A Lot Of People Reacting.

 The Show Goes Up And

Launches You Need To Be Paying Attention To This.

One Of The Big Outlets Caught It.

And It Just Moves. Speak 100% Truth.

 I Always Wanted To Use My Voice In A Way That Felt

Powerful And Really Bring Home The Conversation About Doing A

Show Through The Prism Of Blackness.

We Did The Job In A Really Good Way And The World In The

Industry Was Better For It.


Game Awards 2021

 With Amazon Luna I Can Play All My Favorite Games Straight

From The Cloud To.

 I Can Play On Fire Tv, Tablet, And Phone.

 What Is That Going To Keep Talking About?

 It Was Awesome.

Judgment, Rainbow Six Extraction, I Can Play Any Game

Without Waiting For Long Downloads.

 There Are So Many Great Games.

 It Feels Like On The Couch. Let's Go!


 Blessed Sigma, The World Drowns In Corruption.

Your Empire Is A Flame With Heresy, The Wicked Multiply.

Blessed Sigma Grant Me Your Strength, Grant Me The

Were Wow

Strength To Smite The Heretic And Bring Me Hope When Hope Is


By The Comment And The Hammer, I Pledge To The

Coming Battle, I Found Out

To Waiver And Never


To Drive Back The

Shadow Of Chaos With Your Holy Light.


The Game Awards 2021

 Where Is Your Patience, Master Dwarf?

Have I Ever Let You Down?

Victory Favors The Faithful.

Let Us Teach Them Fear.

First Sigma And The Empire!



 Announcer: She's An Actor Who Stars In The Mandalorian And The

Upcoming Series The Book Of Boba

Fett, Please Welcome Actor Ming-Na Wen.

[Cheers And Applause]

 Ming: A Gaming Narrative Is More Than A Collection Of

Cutscenes, It Represents Our Own Involvement With The Story And

Its Characters.

To Be Nominated For The Best Narrative Award, A Great Game

Demands Provocative Dialogue And A Captivating Plot, But Above

All, It Must Exhibit A Meaningful Involvement With The


And Also, Just Speaking As The Mother Of A Son Who Loves

Gaming, It's Nice When There's More To The Story Than Just

Blowing Up Grenade Factories And Shouting Obscenities At Your

Alligator Brides.

Here Are The Nominees For Best Narrative.

 Every Loop I'm Learning A Little More.

 It's A Spell I'm Telling You. If It Is A Spell, How Do We

Break At?

 I Need To Find Out Exactly What Happened The Night, I Can

Reveal Their


 Today Is My First Day On The Job.

 Ming: And The Game Award For Best Narrative Goes To…

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy.

 [Cheers And Applause]



Game Awards 2021

[Cheers And Applause] 

 That Was A Surprise.

There Are So Many People

Responsible For Making This Such A Wonderful Thing, I

Want To Thank Marvel Game Studios For

Trusting Us With Her Characters, For Allowing

Us To Make Them Our Own, For Our Fabulous Cast And Bring Them To

Life In Ways That Words On The Page Can Never Do.

For Olivier Our Producer, The Game Director, The Entire Crew

Who Worked On It And Of Course My Wonderfully

Wild, Wacky, Immensely Talented Writers.

Thank You For Making Comedy Look Easy, Thank You For Not

Complaining Too Often When I Pushed

You To Remember Our Main Themes Of Grief And To Go Deeper.

Who Am I Kidding -- I Know You Complained But Thank You For Not

Doing It To Me. Thank You Everyone, This Is An

Honor. [Cheers And Applause]


 Playstation. Geoff: What A Beautiful Game.

Now We Have Something Very Special, The Gameplay World

Premiere Trailer For Rocksteady's Newest Title,

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

We've All Been Waiting Anxiously

For Them To Give Us A First Look At --

 Keighley! What The Hell Do You Think You're Doing?!

That Footage Is Strictly Classified.

[Cheers And Applause]

My Name Is Director Amanda Waller.

Since It Seems The Game Awards

Doesn't Care About Disclosing Classified Intel, Listen Up.

Whatever You've Heard About Task Force X, The State Of The

Justice League, Or Rumors Of Superman Rampaging Through The

Streets Of Metropolis -- None Of You Are To Utter A Word About It

To Anyone.

If You Do, Believe You Me, I'll Hear About It.

You've Been Warned.

Waller, Out.

 Geoff: Is She Gone? She's Gone.

We've Been Waiting To See

Rocksteady's New Game. This Is Going To Be Worth The


Let's All Watch It Together If You're Killed When I Think Of


The Game Awards 2021

Justice League I Think Of Wonder Woman, Superman, Green

Lantern, I Want To Mess With That Boy -- But

You, You Are Just The Team Mascot, Aren't You?

The Loser Of The League, The Fastest Man Alive.


 Flash Is Alive And He's Playing For Team Brainiac.

 I Gave You Orders, Kill The Flash.

 Or I'll Kill You Myself.

Best Games Of The Year 2021

Coming Out Swinging!

 Nothing Can Stop Me! 

 I'm A Speed Demon

Two Did You Get Him? Really?

Why Don't You Mail Me The Bullet.

 I'm The Eye In The Sky, Taking Point For You.



 Who Else Needs A Bashing.


 Oh, Yeah. 


 Got Your Back.

 No Escape From My Wrath. 

You Want To See What A Real Hero Can Do?

I'll Show You. 


 Really Thought Flash Had Us --

 Holy -- [Applause]

 Announcer: From The Upcoming Game Forspoken, Here Are Voice

Actors Ella Ballinska And Pollyana Mcintosh!

[Applause] Ella: Hi!

I'm So Excited To Be Here. You May Have Met The Character

I Portray In Forspoken -- Frey Holland.

I'm Excited To Be Here To Announce A Brand-New Trailer,

And Especially Delighted Tonight

As We Will Be Seeing Pollyanna's Portrayal Of Tanta Prav For The

First Time.

 Pollyanna: She's A Ruthless Adversary For Frey, And I Hope

Players Will Get Into Looking For A Boss Fight With This Woman

At Some Point. Ella: I Definitely Hope You're In A Boss

Fight. Pollyanna: Thank You, Ella. Even If It Is With Frey?

That So Kind To.

 Especially If It Is With Frey. And Now A World Premiere

Trailer For Forspoken.

 Who Are You, Child?

 My Name Is Frey Holland, I Don't Know How I Got Here And I

Want Is To Go Home. She Is Spawn. How Did She Survive In The Corruption? Maybe You Can. Wherever I Go Turns To Shit. It's Always Been This Way. It's All But Lost, Everything That Corruption Touches, It Breaks. It Is You Who Trespassed On My Land. It Is You Who Set This Battle In Motion. Lies, She Dies! [Laughter] [Cheers And Applause] Company Command, We Can't Hold It! 

Best Games Of The Year 2021

 Geoff: Joining Me Now Is Tim Willits From Saber, And The Star

Of The Game, Clive Standen -- What Did We Just Say?

 I'm So Excited I Can Finally Talk About This Game.

We Are Making Space Marine 2, A Sequel To

The Iconic Warhammer 40k Game.

We Are Using The Experience That We Have Learned From Games

Like Halo, Quake Champions, World War Z To Really

Bring This Game To Life, To Make Of The Most Intense Action Game


And We Have Clive As A Space Marine. Geoff: How Does It Feel To Be In The Game? A Bleak And Grim Dream But Anyone Who Has Seen The Work I've Done I'm Not Scared Of The Darkness. I'm Stoked And Grateful To Be A Part Of This. Place To Play With And Pain To The Space Marines When I Was A Kid With My Older Brother. The Chance To Play One The Most Iconic Characters In The Warhammer 40k Universe -- Geoff: It Fits You, Thank You For Joining Us. Right Now, Here's A Brand-New Look At Saints Row. We Are Really Good At What We Do. Should've At The Party Crashing. The Next Step Is To Find People Who Shoot Guns. Fuck You. 


The Game Awards 2021

 There's Still Plenty Of Show Left And Why Would You Want To

Watch Alone

When You Could Watch With Me And Aerial Powers?

 Trust Me, You Don't Want To Miss It.

 Don't Take Our Word For It, Come To Twitch.Tv And Check It

Out To. See You Soon.


 Joy To The World The Time Has Come 


 You Need A Player 2 

 It's Time To Recruit Your Siblings To The Crew 

 Joy To The World Let Legends Rain 

 The Game Has Just Begun 

 Your Rivals Meet Their End With Your Friends 


 Mechs Are Here.

 I'm Asking You To Help Me Destroy

1 Million Mechs, Join Me For A Chance

To Win Insane Prices, Raise Money For A Good Cause And Get A

Shot At Driving This Real Mechs. Are You Ready To Battle?

I'll See You In The Arena.

 Mechs Arena. 


 What's One Award? Is One Award Enough?

The Gold-Medal, Is That Enough? No.

Is One Title Enough? Nope.

What About One Sponsor. No Way.

With Every Win, You Only Want More.

Because Enough Is Never Enough. 

 Geoff: Welcome Back.

To Present Our Next Award, Please Welcome The Man You Just

Saw In That Wd_black Piece -- And Tonight You Can Get 10% Off

Select Wd Black Products To Celebrate The Game Awards.

Please Welcome Seven Time Nba All-Star And Owner

Of Endemic, Paul George! [Cheers And Applause]


Best Games Of The Year 2021

 Paul: Good Evening, Everyone. I Love Action Adventure Games

For Their Versatility.

One Minute You're Solving A Puzzle, The Next You're Lining

Up Headshots, And Then Suddenly You're Being Put On Hooks By A

Vampire Lady Taller Than Me.

[Laughter] This Category Is Like A

Showcase Of What It Means To Be A Video Game. Here Are The

Nominees For Best Action Adventure Game.

 Announcer: Best Action Adventure Game.

 Huddle Up!

 You Made It Just In Time For The Miracle!

 This Shouldn't Take Too Long. I Got Eyes On The Target.

 Ratchet, The Dimension Ate Her.


 We Thank You For Waiting, And Now Let The Games Begin!

 Paul: And The Game Award For Best Action Adventure Goes To...

Metroid Dread.

 [Cheers And Applause]


 On Behalf Of The Teams At Nintendo And Mercury Steam Who

Worked On Dread To, Thank So Much For

This Award.

This Is The Action-Adventure Category

, Metroid Dread Checks Off Both The Action-Adventure Box.

It's Filled With Action-Packed Moments Behind Every Door And

Around Every Corner And Every Level.

At The Same Time And Introduces Us To A Massive In The


New Plaintiff That Players Can Explore And Adventure Through.

It's A Result Of True Collaboration Between Nintendo

And Mercury Steam And I Have A Few Comments That The Developers

Asked Me To Read On Their Behalf.

We Like To Say A Big Thank You For

This Award

, For The Developers Who Worked So Hard To Bring All The Metroid

Fans Around The World The Experience They Were Hoping For.

It's Been A Dream Come True To Travel Together In This

Dangerous Yet Marvelous Journey.

We Are Thankful For All The Fans Enjoying Metroid Dread On

Nintendo's Which. You Very Much.


The Game Awards 2021

 There Is.

The Biggest Death Threat And All History And The Duke's Heading

Into Its Jaws.

 We Rule With Air And Sea Power.

Here We Must Scramble For Desert Power.

 Slowly, The Day Of Your Revenge Will Come.

 Speed Is A Device. There Will Always Be A Desert.

 The Heart Can Endure. Your Enemy Was Overwhelming.

 God Created It To Train.

 Unique Enemy. This Is My Future.

 This Is My Honor. This Is My Vengeance.

 This Is My Dune. 


Best Games Of The Year 2021

 Announcer: Please Welcome Two Of The Stars Of The Upcoming

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands -- Ashly Burch And Will Arnett!


 Ashly: Thank You For Having Us! We're So Excited To Reveal A

Bit About The Story In Tiny Tina's Wonderlands!

 Are We Talking About The Dragon Lord Yet?

 Ashly: Yes, Will Plays The Dragon Lord, The Central Villain

Within The Wonderlands.

 Will: But In A Clever Twist, I Turn Out To Be The Underdog Hero

Of The Entire Realm. It's Beautiful. And One Of The

Reasons I Took This Role. Ashly: Nope.

 Will: What Do You Mean No? Ashly: You Play A Necromatic

Overlord. And Not The Good Kind. Will: He's A Job Creator. For

Millions Of Unemployed Individuals. Ashly: He Raises

The Dead. Will: And Gives Them Stuff To Do. Some Of Them Get To

Sail. Some Form A Rock Band.

A Lot Of Them Stab Things...

 Ashly: Do You Really Not Know The Story Of The Game?

 Will: Oh, You Mean The Whimsical Adventure From The

Mind Of A 13-Year-Old

Demolitions Expert Who Whimsically Tries To Blow Up

The Heroes For 40 Levels?

If Anyone's The Central Villain Here, It's Tiny Tina. Ashly:

Roll The Damn Trailer.


 There Is A World Beyond The Borderlands.

A World Forged By Wonder And Ruled By Fate.

There Is One Alone Who Can Wield The Fate.

One Alone Whose Story Is In Their Own Hands.

The Fate Maker. .Co.

Heavy, Right? 

 You Seek Passage. I Can Aid You.

 I Am Valentine, Gallant Adventurer.

 The Undead To Fall Beneath Our Blades.

 I'm Sensing Some Real Evil Vibes This Way.

Follow Me.

 A Beautiful Body Indeed. And Full Of Power!

 I Am Invincible! Looking Bad.

How Do We Win This?

 We Attack, Together! For The Queen!

 You'll Never Get The Storm Of Souls.

 I'll Give You A Fight!

 That Is A Big Boy, A Big, Big Boy.

 Sisters, I Believe We Have Found Our Champion.

 Listen To Me, Lip Flapping While You Could Be Off


The Game Awards 2021

May Haps It Is A Ancient Meteor And It Begins To Rise From The



Isn't A Blessing, It's A Blast In.

 What Game Are We Playing Here?

 We Are Playing Bonkers And

Bad Asses My Baby!

 We Need More Out Here! 



 Geoff: Last Year, One Indie Game Won 3 Game Awards -- And

Now They're Back,.

In A Totally New, Unexpected Way,


Geoff: Tonight, We Have A Very Special K-Pop Performance.

The South Korean Developer Pearl Abyss Wanted To Thank You For

Your Great Response To Their Recent Trailer For Their

Upcoming Open-World Action Adventure Dokev.

So, They Created A Music Video Working With The Popular K-Pop

Dance Team, 1 Million Dance Studio!


 Geoff: All Night We Are Wrapping Up 2021 With Spotify.

Here, For The First Time, Are The Top 3 Male And Female

Artists As Listened To By You On

Gaming Consoles In 2021: Top Female Artists.

Doja Cat, Billie Eliish And Ariana Grande.

Top Male. Juicewrld, Xxxtentacion, And

Polo G.

Later We Will Reveal The Most Listened To Spotify Songs!

Now, A Winner Earlier Tonight

For Best Mobile Game, Here's A Look At Two New

Characters Coming December 14th To Genshin Impact, And A

Glimpse Of The Upcoming Character Yun Jin.


Speak Of The Sky Is Clear And Of The Sun Is Shining.

Time To Go Out For Some Training.

On The One Who's Supposed To Be Adored By The Kids, Me!

 To Survive Hardship You Must Prepare For Hardship.

 Keep Your Weapon At The Ready, You Never Know What's Around The




Best Games Of The Year 2021

 Fire Hazard. 

 Hold The Line! 

 Charge! Let's Roll!

Rally! It's Showtime!


 Here In The Flesh. 


 The King Has Gone Insane, He Is A Proponent Of A Theory

Called Animal Magnetism. He Is Capable Of Anything.


 It Can Do Much More Than Dance.

 Angel Of Death, Descended From The

Heavens To Vanquish The Clockwork Titan.

You Are Just As They Describe.

These Machines Feed On The Dead To.

Deep In The River. 

This Is Matt, Lead

Guitar Player, Streamer On Twitch, I Am Stoked To Announce

That I Am

In Metal Health Singer, With A Base Shooter Game.

We Have Incredible Metal Streamers And Singers Like

Myself, Check It Out My Friends.

I Will See You All In


 There Was A Soul.

Had Music Inside The.

They Called Her The Unknown. 


 Geoff: Welcome Back -- And That's Right, Starting In 2022,

There's A New Way To Play Your Favorite Mobile Games On Your Pc

Through Google Play Games.

Take Games From Your Pocket To Your Desktop And Seamlessly Pick

Up Where You Left Off! Google Play Games On Pc, Coming Soon In


Next, Here's Another Brand-New Game Announcement For The First

Time At The Game Awards.


 I Enlisted Because I

Didn't Want To Wait Years To Get Out And See The Galaxy, I Wanted

To Go Somewhere.

See New Worlds, Look Up At The Sky No One Has Ever Seen

Before It's Been A Dream Of Mine Since Before I Can

Remember. I Resolved To Become A Captain

Some Day.

We Need To Learn Everything We Can.

 I'm Not Gonna Die, Not If I Can Help It.

 This Can't Be Right.

 Time To Impacts, One Minute. 

 I Need You To Do The Right Thing.


Best Games Of The Year 2021

 The Fate Of The Negotiations, The Interests Of The

Federation And The Prospect For Peace May Very Well Depend

On It. 


 Announcer: He's Back Again. Make Some Noise For Reggie!


 Reggie: Thank You.

Isn't It Great To Be Back Live And In Person, Back Amongst


It's Fantastic, This Is A Wonderful Time Of Year.

The Game Awards. Our Opportunity To Celebrate The

Creators, And The Players. What Is This Geoff, Year Eight?

Something Like That?

We've Witnessed So Much Over

These Past Years: The Launch Of Generation Eight And Generation

Nine Consoles, The Mobile Revolution, Streaming Games, Vr,

Ar, And Quality Free-To-Play Games.

And This Category Represents Another Innovation In Our


This Is The Award For Best Ongoing Game.

It Used To Be That A Game Would And That Would Be The Game.

But Today's Developers Keep Players Coming Back To Beloved

Titles Again And Again By Creating And Delivering Exciting

New Content.

Here Are The Five Nominees Who Are Engaging Their Audiences

Year After Year.

 Announcer: Best Ongoing Game. 



The Game Awards 2021

 Reggie: And The Game Award For Best Ongoing Game Goes To...

Final Fantasy.

 Announcer: Tonight Final

Fantasy Xiv Online.

 Also Wins For Best Community



 This Is Quite The Honor To

Win Best Ongoing Game, The Category Had So Many Amazing

Nominees That

It Is Truly Fortunate We Were Able To Win.

Incredible Team Behind Final Fantasy 14 Who Poured Their

Hearts Into The

Work, Bringing New And Memorable Stories Of Adventures To Our


Big Thank You To Final Fantasy 14 Team And Can't Wait To See

What's Going On In The Future.

Honestly The Biggest Thanks To Our Community.

They Have Been Our Rock And So

Happy That You Continue To Give Us Ardent Support.

Thank You So Much. 


 Since The Dawn Of Time,

We Have Sought To The Glory Of Competition.

But It Wasn't Always What You Would Call Friendly.

As Civilization Evolved, So Did The Desire For Battle And The

Pride Of Being The Best.

Cities Grew And Soon Everyone Wanted A Piece Of The Action.

Some For Power, Some Fame, But Many Just Loved The Thrill Of

The Fight. Even Today.

 Come On!


Best Games Of The Year 2021

 Geoff: That Was Rumbleverse, Coming Next Year From Iron

Galaxy And Epic Games -- Tomorrow There' A First Look

Gameplay Event, Head To Rumbleverse.Com To Sign Up.

Now, Here's The World Gameplay Debut Of A Sequel To A Game

Awards-Nominee From A Few Years Ago -- Plague Tale: Requiem.

 Under The Wide And The Starry


Dig The Grave And Let Me Live.

 I'm Right Behind You.

 Glad That I Live And Gladly

Die, And I Laid Me Down With The Will.


 You've Seen Worse Than This.

 Here He Lies Where He Longs To Be, Hope Is

The Sailor, Hope Is The

Sea, And The Hunter Home From The Hill.


 I Don't Know What's Happening To Me, I Feel My Mind Going.

 I Know, Think Of Your Brother. We Have To Carry On.



What Have You Done? 


 Geoff: This Year, We've Partnered With Grubhub To Do

Something Really Cool To Get Your Food Delivered For Game


Order Grubhub Using Code Endwalker During The Show To Get

Free Delivery On All Orders Of $15 Or More And Get An Exclusive

Final Fantasy Xiv Eat Pizza Emote For The Game.

Get Some Dinner. We Have Lots Of Show Still To

Go. This Year Techland Celebrates

Its 30th Anniversary, And Next Year Dying Light 2 Arrives After

A Long Wait. We've Got A New Look At The Game's Story With

This Cg Trailer.

 Hurry Up!



 The Island You Once Knew Has Flipped.

Welcome To Chapter 3, With Our Brand-New Places To

Explore And Exciting New Ways To Experience

Fortnite Like Never Before.

Start By Earning Xp Beyond Battle Royale, All About Playing

Your Way To Unlock Battle Pass Outfits Including Spider-Man.

There's Also New Features To Check Out.

Get Around More Quickly And

Evade Enemy Fire With New Sliding And Swinging.

Even Set Up Camps Where You And Your Squad Can Heal And Restore

Items From Match To Match.

Plus, There Are New Weapons And Items That Help Win A

Victory Royale And Earn The Ultimate Prestige.

The Victory Crown. Keep Winning And Keep The Crown.

Along With These Features, The Island Is All New.

Explore Sanctuary, Hidden Home Of The Seven.

And Spider-Man's Home Turf, The Daily Bugle Along With Many More


With The Island's New Weather Conditions, Anything Can Happen.

In Addition To All New Gameplay Check Out The

Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass That Features A Spider-Man, The

Foundation, And More Newcomers.

What Are You Waiting For?

Drop Into Chapter 3 And Start Exploring The New Island Because

You Never Know What You Might Find.


The Game Awards 2021

 Geoff: It's Been A Great Year So Far For Sharkmob And Their

First Game, Bloodhunt. They've Just Completed A Successful

Early Access And I'm Very Excited For Their Full Release

Next Year!

Bloodhunt Will Be Out On Ps5 And Pc In Spring 2022 And Will Be

Free To Play!

Back When I Started The Game Awards In 2014, This Band Made A

Bet On Me -- And The Show -- When Few Believed We Could Make

The Game Awards A Reality.

7 Years Later, Imagine Dragons Is Back At The Game Awards For A

Once-In-A-Lifetime Performance That Celebrates 10 Years Of

Super Giant Games, And Their First Release Bastion.

Please Welcome Imagine Dragons Featuring The Composers And

Songwriters Behind All Of Supergiant's Games, Darren Korb

And Ashley Barrett.

 I Dig My Hole You Build A Wall 

 I Dig My Hole You Build A Wall 

 One Day That Wall Is Gonna Fall Gonna Build That City

On A


 Gonna Build That City On A Hill 

 One Day Those Tears Are Gonna Spill 

 So Build That Wall And Build

It Strong 

 'cause We'll Be There Before

Too Long 

 Gonna Build That Wall Until It's Done 

 Gonna Build That Wall Until It's Done 

 But Now You Got Nowhere To Run 

 So Build That Wall And Build It Strong 

 'cause We'll Be There Before

Too Long 

 Oh The Misery 

 Everybody Wants To Be My Enemy 


 Look Out For Yourself I Wake Up To The Sounds Of The

Silence That Allows For My Mind To Run Around 

 With My Ear Up To The Ground I'm Searching To Behold The

Stories That Are Told 

 When My Back Is To The World That Was Smiling When I Turned

 Tell You You're The Greatest 

 But Once You Turn, They Hate Us 

 Oh, The Misery Everybody Wants To Be My Enemy 

 Spare The Sympathy Everybody Wants To Be My


 Look Out For Yourself My Enemy-Y-Y-Y-Y 

 Look Out For Yourself But I'm Ready 

 Your Words Up On The Wall As You're Prayin' For My Fall 

 And The Laughter In Th Halls And The Names That I've Been


 I Stack It In My Mind And I'm Waiting For The Time 

When I Show You What It's Like 

 To Be Words Spit In A Mic Tell You You're The Greatest 

But Once You Turn, They Hate


 Oh, The Misery Everybody Wants To Be My Enemy 

 Spare The Sympathy Everybody Wants To Be My


 Look Out For Yourself My Enemy-Y-Y-Y-Y 

 Look Out For Yourself Uh, Look, Okay, I'm Hoping

That Somebody Pray For Me I'm Praying That Somebody Hope

For I'm Staying Where Nobody 'posed To Be P-P-Posted 

Being A Wreck Of Emotions Ready To Go Whenever, Just Let

Me Know 

 The Road Is Long So Put The Pedal Into The Floor The

Enemy's On My Trail My Energy Unavailable 

 I'ma Tell 'em, Hasta Luego They Want To Plot On My Trot

To The Top I've Been Outta Shape, Thinkin' Out The Box 

I'm An Astronaut 

 I Blasted Off The Planet Rock To Cause Catastrophe And It

Matters More Because I Had It Not 

 Had I Thought About Wreaking Havoc On An Opposition Kind

Of Shockin' They Wanted Static With Precision 

 I'm Automatic Quarterback I Ain't Talkin' Sackin' Pack

It, Pack It Up I Don't Panic Batter-Batter Up Who The


 It Don't Matter 'cause We At Ya Throat Everybody Wants To

Be My

Enemy Ah Spare The Sympathy 

 Ah Everybody Wants To Be My Enemy 

 Build That Wall And Build It Strong 

 'cause We'll Be There Before Too Long 


Best Games Of The Year 2021

 My Enemy Pray It Away, I Swear I'll Never Be A Saint, No


 My Enemy Pray It Away, I Swear I'll Never Be A Saint 

 Look Out For Yourself 

[Cheers And Applause]

 Geoff: That Is So Great. Thank You To Imagine Dragons,

Jid, And Ashley Barrett And Darren Korb. That's Something

You Will Only See At The Game Awards!

Tonight, We Partnered With Chevrolet To Make The Game

Awards Livestream More

Accessible -- Including An Audio Descriptive Stream, Asl Stream

With Deafgamerstv On Twitch, And Closed Captions.

And Now, To Present The Innovation In Accessibility

Award, Please Welcome Jacksepticeye And A Member Of

Our Future Class From 2020, And

One Of The Judges Who Helped Select The Nominees: The

Incredible Morgan Baker!


 Morgan: Thank You, Geoff. It's An Honor To Be Here Tonight.

Games Are For Everyone, And This Award Recognizes The Teams That

Are Advancing Gameplay, Features, And Technology To Make

Sure Games Can Be Accessed, Played, And Enjoyed By All.

 Jacksepticeye: It's Incredible To See The Effort Developers Put

Into Prioritizing

People Who Often Go Ignored, Sharing Their Work With As Many

People As Possible.

And That's Why We Love Being Able To Show Our Gratitude To

Those Who Go Above And Beyond Each Year, Discovering New And

Creative Methods To Encourage Inclusion. Here Are The


 Announcer: Innovation And Accessibility, Presented By


 Coming Shortly After Launch, Players Will Be Enabled

To Sign On With An Interpreter.


Best Games Of The Year 2021


Her 500 Miles Through The Treacherous Valley.

 Morgan: And The Game Award For Innovation In Accessibility Goes

To... Forza Horizon 5.

 [Cheers And Applause]

 Announcer: Tonight, Forza Horizon 5.

Also Wins Best Sports/Racing Game.

[Cheers And Applause] 

 Thank You, This Award Means So Much To

Our Team Because Everyone At Playground Games Is

Really Committed To Accessibility, So Much So We

Made At One Of Our

Core Pillars For Forza Horizon.

Around The World There Are About A Billion Players Who Have Some

Sort Of Disability That Makes Gaining A Challenge For Them.

I Think It's Great

That Those Creators Can Add And Accessibility Features And

Options And Open The Magic Of Video Games To More And More


I Would Like To Thank A Few People, I Would Like To Thank

Alan Hartman, Ben

Williams, All Of Team Xbox As Well As Our Accessibility

Champs, Tonya, And Ryan.

They Told Me To Wrap It Up.

When Everyone Plays, We All Win.


 Geoff: What A Great Sentiment, Such Important Work.

Joining Me Now Is Simon Viklund From 10 Chambers. Simon, Back In

2017 We Announced Your Studio And Your First Game Gtfo. And

We're So Thrilled To Have You Back, I Understand You Have A

Special Announcement?


It Was A Great Opportunity To Show Off The Game, Was It Four

Years Ago? Geoff: Yeah.

Something Is About To Happen Tonight?

 The Thing

Is, You Helped Us Reach The

Audience For Our Extreme Co-Op Horror Game

And We Thought What Better Way To Announce One Point

Oh, We've Been In Early Access Now For Two Years, What Better

Way To Announce 1.

0 Then To Come Back To The Game Awards.

The Surprise Announcement Is That ??? Is Out Right Now.

It's Out Now And There's No Better Time To Get Into Gtfo

And Right Now, With 25% Off.

We Worked Hard To Make The Game More Accessible, More

Accessible And -- Geoff: Let's Take A Look.

One Point

1.0, Gtfo, Let's Check It Out. 

 They Wake Us From Our Nightmares.

To Make Us New Ones.

, Descend Into A Vast Underground Complex.

Where Every Resource

Scavenged Might Give You One More Chance.

There's Only One Rule. Get In And Get Out.

Bring It Out Or Die In The Dark.

 No Sudden Moves.

 With Monsters Waiting. 

 Get It! Over Here!

 I Found It! Grabbed The Item!

Close The Door, Close The Door!

 Why Are We Here?

What Terrible Things That We Do?

To Deserve Such Hell? 

All We Know Is We Have To Work

Together Or We'll Die Together. 


 My Name Is Mike, I Go By Mike The Quad And I Stream On Twitch.

 Let's Go! I Joined The Military In 2008.

When We Came Back I Was Involved In A Motorcycle Accident.

Trying To Figure Out How To Use A Controller Without Having Any

Hand Function, That Sparked My Advocacy.

I Wholeheartedly Believe It Kick Starts A Patient's



 Brave, Shadow Legends!

You Pick Your Champions, They Are Glorious And Their Shields

Glistened Like Wet Authors.

The Bad Guys Are Lovecraft Income

A Spooky, Big, Then You Go To Battle.

Finally Your Foe Is Vanquished And Your Satisfaction Is A

Primal Feeling.

 Download Raid: Shadow Legends.

Get An Exclusive Pact With A 2021 Promo Code.


 I Need To Do Terrible Things Again.

Now We Must Find The Prophet And Kill Him.

 When We Finally Hunt The Circle.

 Yes, I'm Done Running. 


 The Time Has Come To


 Keep Moving! 

 The Master Chief Returns


 We Need Help, Not Heroics. We Protect Humanity Whatever

The Costs. This Is Not The Mission.

Speak Of The Mission Has Changed, It Always Does.

 We Will Meet On The Battlefield.


 You Are Not The Future.

 You Have One Against An Entire Army.

 It's Enough.


 Play Now With Game Pass. 

 Halo Infinite Launched Yesterday And I Know I'm Playing

At This Again To.

And I'm Excited To Watch Next Year When Steven Spielberg's

Amblin Entertainment, Showtime And 343 Industries Bring The

Legendary Master Chief To Life In The Live-Action Halo Original

Series, Streaming Exclusively On Paramount+. Here's The World

Premiere First Look Trailer!

 Your Special.

I'm Counting On It.

While We Are Still In The Dark.

But You Give People

Hope, And I Will Always Be With You.

I See This... 

As A New Beginning. 


 Announcer: Please Welcome The Chief Creative Officer From Epic

Games, Donald Mustard.

 Donald: Making Games That Are Original, Innovative, And Push

The Medium Forward Isn't Easy.

It's The Culmination Of The Work, Talent, And Passion Of

Hundreds Of People And Countless Hours.

And The Only Way It Happens Is When There's A Clear Shared

Vision Of What A Game Can Be.

These Nominees For Best Game Direction Represent What's

Possible When It All Comes Together.

 Announcer: Best Game Direction.

 You Have No Idea What's Out There.

 Are You Ready For The Roller Coaster Ride Of Your Life Life?

 Is Anyone Listening?

 My Name

Is Raz And I'm The New Intern.

 This Is The Part Where You Lose.


 Donald: And The Game Award For Best Game Direction Goes To.


 [Cheers And Applause]




So Deathloop Is My First Game As A Game Director And It's

Also The First Game That

Sebastian And I Are Cocreative Directors For.

I Don't Mean That As A Brag, It Was Terrifying.

Terrifying For Us, Terrifying For The Team.

I Really Want To Thank The

Team For Taking The Leap Of Faith, Giving Their

Best Work

To -- To

Make This Strange Game That No One Can Sum Up In 30 Seconds.

Thank You To Playstation, We Believed In Our

Vision, Thank You To Our Fans

And Actually, I Have A Lot Of People To Thank And Not A Lot Of

Time. Can We Make Those 30 Seconds

Loop? [Laughter]

A Couple Of Times?

I'll Stop Here, But

Just If You'll Allow Allow Me A Small Last Word For My Family In

French. [Speaking French]

Thank You Very Much. [Applause]

 Geoff: Now It's Time To Look At Some Other Award Winners.

In The Category Of Esports Game Presented By Grubhub, Here Are

The Nominees.

And The Game Award Goes To,

League Of Legends, Congratulations.

For Family Game, Here Are The Nominees.

And The Game Award Goes To, It Takes Two.

Here Are The Nominees For Best Fighting Game.

And The Game Award Goes To,

Guilty Gear Strive. Next, Best Sim/Strategy Game.

Here Are The Nominees.

And The Game Award Goes To,

Age Of Empires 4. Next, The Nominees For Best

Vr/Ar Game.

And The Game Award Goes To, Resident Evil 4 P.R.

And Finally Your Most Anticipated Game Presented By

Prime Gaming. Here Are The Nominees.

And The Game Award Goes To,

Elden Ring. For The Second Year In A Row.

Our Next Guest Is A Little Shy If Anyone In The Audience Has


Blades Or Wings Fears, I'm Going To Ask That You Put Those Away

For Now, Let's Bring Him Out, He's A Little Shy, Look

Everybody It's

My Pod Friend. Don't Be Shy.

Looks Like He's Got A Note Or Something, You Got A Note?

Let's See What This Note Says.

Good Evening, Please Enjoy My Gift.

A New Trailer For Eldon Ring.

I Guess We Have A New World Premiere Trailer, Thanks, Buddy,

Let's Check It Out. 

 It Happened An Age Ago.

But When I Recall, I See It True.

On A Night Of Wintry


A Rule Of Death Bestowed.

And The Demigods Begin To Fall. Starting With Godwin The Golden.

The Queen Was Driven To The Brink.

The Shattering, It Roared Only Darkness.

The Eldon Ring Was Broken, But By Who?

And Why?

What Could The Demigods Ever Hope To Win By Warring?

The Conqueror Of The Stars.

And The Blade.

These Two With The Mightiest To Remain.


But There Will Be No Victor.

And Do So We Inhabit A Fractured World.

Awaiting The Arrival Of The Elder God.

Unless, Of Course

, Thou Shouldst Take The Crown.


 Confirming The Date, February.

I Can't Wait To Step Deeper Into The World Of Elden Ring When It

Comes Out In February. Tonight We've Teamed Up With

Spotify To Reveal What You Are Listening To Every Day On Gaming

Consoles As Part Of Spotify's Wrapped. So What Were The Most

Listened To Songs In 2021 On Gaming Surfaces?

Here Are The Top 3: Rapstar By Polo G, Montero By Lil Nas X,

And Mood By 24k Goldn Featuring Iann Dior.

Congratulations, And Make Sure To Make Your Spotify Wrapped


Stick Around, Because Coming Up, Keanu Reeves And Carrie-Anne

Moss Reveal The Matrix Awakens, We Debut A Brand New

Next-Generation Game, And The

Game Awards Orchestra Pays Tribute To Our Game Of The Year


 Well, Well, Well.

You Don't Think I Know Who Won? You Break Off.

 I Would Never Make A Rule Two.

 You're One Of Them, I've Got All Day.

 Break Off? You Know You Want To.



 Respect. But Seriously, Break Off.

 I Fell Into Games And I Lived And Breathed Them For

So Long, I Just Never Knew It Could Be A Job I Could Be Good


I Nee You

Ui-Ux Designer.

If You're A Minority Working In Video Games You Go Through Life

Feeling Like You're An Imposter But I Think That's What Made Me

Wish I Had Somebody To Talk To.

I Had Someone Create My Own Mentorship Program.

Limited Break Is Aimed At Underrepresented People Working

In The U.K. Games Industry.

 Hi, I Was Wondering If You Could Help Me Out To.

 People Just Really Want To Be Connected And Be Part Of A


I Feel Like Anybody Who Wants To Make Video Games Should Be Able

To Make Video Games.

 I'm About To Step Into The Fear Truck To Play Resident Evil 4.

I Am Terrified But Excited. 

 Hey Matt, Everyone, My Go-To Is Probably Going To Be It Takes


 Have To Give It To Ratchet And Clank, Pure Joy Ride Of Fun From

Start To Finish.

That's Hard To Beat. 

 Geoff: That Was A Look At Which Game Of The Year Games

Youtube Creators Want To See Win, And Soon We'll Find Out If

They Are Right When We Present Game Of The Year.

Every Year At The Game Awards We Try To Find Games That Push The

Medium Forward In New And Unexpected Ways. This Game Comes

From Embark Studios In Sweden, A New Team Of Veteran Developers.

Their First Game Brings Together Multiplayer, Machine Learning

Pv Action, Next-Generation Sandbox And Incredible

Visuals To Create A New Dynamic Experience.

Here's The Reveal, Complete With Real Gameplay!


 There Is No Way To Hide.

Kings, Barron's, Queens, We

Give Them Different Names But They Are All The Same.

Killing Machines Falling From The Sky.

This Is Our Home.

Power Bastian Of Resistance.

This Is Where The Brief Meets The Bold.

We Will Not Die In The Shadows, We Will Face Our Fears Head On.



 Coming In Hot! It's On.



 Watch It, Scout Ahead.

 Right There.

There's Too Many Of Them, Fall Back.

 Go, Go! 


 You Owe Me One. Perfect.

 Let's Do This!

Hang On.

Frag Out. 

 No Contact, Breaking Orbit.

 They Will Never Stop Coming.


 It's Clean, Calling For Volunteers.

Enlist, Resist. 



 Geoff: That Was Incredible. And Now, We Have Two Special

Guests Joining Us For A Very Special Moment. Carrie-Anne,

Keanu -- Welcome! I'm Sure You Recognize This Iconic Moment.

 Keanu: Geoff, Thank You.

It's Good To Be Here At The Game Awards.

And Yes, This Is One Of The Scenes That Made The Matrix Feel

So Groundbreaking, And Perhaps Inspired A Few Video Games Too.


 Carrie-Anne: Impressive. Can You Still Do That? Keanu:

Absolutely Not. But I Can, In The Unreal Engine 5.

[Laughs] Keanu: I Believe Everyone Here Is Expecting To

See Something New, So Here's A Never-Before-Seen Look At The

Matrix Resurrections, Exclusively For The Game Awards

2021. Let's Roll The Clip.


 Where Are Way? Tokyo.

 Reading No Shadows.

 I Don't Remember This.

 Door Is On Your Right.

 Set And A Setting, Right? It's All About Set And


We Thought Elements From Your Past Might Help Ease You Into

The Present. Nothing Comforts Anxiety Like

A Little Nostalgia.

 Geoff: The Matrix Resurrections Looks Awesome, And

We Can't Wait To Watch It On December 22nd.

Getting Back To Tonight's Theme, Which Is The World Of

Interactive Entertainment, I Have To Say, Keanu -- You've

Been In Several Great Video Games And Immersive Experiences.

Did You Ever Think That One Day A Game Could Look As Real As

Being In The Matrix? Keanu: Absolutely.

I Mean, We Are Reaching The Point At Which The Lines Between

Physical And Virtual Worlds Are


 Carrie-Anne: With Interactive Storytelling Reaching Stunning

Levels Of Fidelity, Maybe It's Fair To Ask: What Is A Game,

What Is A Movie?

 Keanu: Over 20 Years Ago, The Matrix Pushed The Boundaries Of

Filmmaking And Visual Effects.

We Couldn't Have Imagined Where The State Of The Art Would Be

Today With Photorealistic Digital Humans In Virtual Sets.

 Carrie-Anne: To Push The Limits Once Again, We Decided To

Team Up With Epic Games.

 Keanu: And Now, We Are Proud To Bring You Tonight's Final

World Premiere At The Game

Awards 2021: A Glimpse Of The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine

5 Experience Experience Experience.



I'm Thomas Anderson, Like Many Of You I Worked

With Computers, But Computers Are Also Mirrors,

Reflecting Back Who And What We Are And The Choices We Make.

The Worlds We Build.

We Still Got At. Like Riding A Bike, They Say.


 Geoff: It's Playable, Everything You Just Saw Is

Running In Real Time On

Playstation On Xbox Series X And S. That's Pretty Mind Blowing.

And Now, You Can Download And Experience The Matrix Awakens

For Yourself, For Free, Right Now, In Its Entirety.

As We Look To The Future Of Games With Platforms Like Unreal

Engine 5, It's Now Time To

Celebrate The Best Games Of This

Year -- To Present Game Of The Year, Please Welcome Last Year's

Winner Of Game Of The Year And Best Game Direction. From

Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann.

 Neil: Thanks, Geoff.

It Feels Awesome To Be Back Here In Person.

Congratulations To Everyone Who Released The Game This Year.

Now, Performing Music From Each Of Tonight's Game Of The Year

Nominees, Once Again The Game

Awards Orchestra.


[Cheers And Applause]

[Cheers And Applause]


 That Was Fantastic, A Fitting Way To Honor The Very Best Of


Year, Let's Hear It One More Time For The Game Awards


[Cheers And Applause]

And Finally Congratulations To All Of Tonight's Nominees.

All Incredible Games.

The 2021 Game Of The Year Is, It Takes Two.

 [Cheers And Applause]

 It's So Unreal.

Asked Me In The Way, The Game Awards Is Way Better.

I'm Going To Be Extremely Fast, I Want To Thank My --

Let Me Thank My Beautiful Team, Obviously Without Them I Can't

Do Anything.

I Want To Give This Award To My Daughter

And My Soon To Come Daughter, Zoe.

This Is The Best Thing That Can Happen.

Thank You Again, I'm Shaking, Look At Me.

This Is A Big, Big Moment For Me.

You Are A Big Inspiration, Thank You, Thank You.


 Geoff: Congratulations, What Did You Think Of The Winners


That Your Favorite Game Win, If Not Let Us Know Who Got Shorted


Thank You Again For Watching The Game Awards, We Will See You

Next Summer For Summer Games Fast.

Such A Pleasure We Got To Do This In Person.

Have A Great Holiday Season, Good Night, Everybody!

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