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THE GAME AWARDS 2021: Official Livestream with Hellblade II, Star Wars Eclipse, Sonic, Matrix

Game Awards 2021
games awards 2021
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Best Games Of The Year 2021
Best Game Of The Year 2021


2021 Game Awards Starts Now!

Game Awards 2021

I Am The Monster You Created I Got To Kill The Part Of Me That Saw Hope You Know We Had Everything. When You Broke Me And Left These Pieces. I Want You To Hurt Like You Hurt Me Today And I Want You To Lose Like I Lose When I Play What Could Have Been What Could Have Been Why Don't You Love Who I Am? What We Could Have Been I Am Your Ghost, A Fallen Angel You Ripped Out All My Parts I Couldn't Care What Invention You Made Me 'cause I, I Was Meant To Be Yours 


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Google Play Best Games 2021

 I Hope You Know We Had Everything 

 When You Broke Me And Left These Pieces 

 I Want You To Hurt Like You Hurt Me Today 

 I Want You To Lose Like I Lose When I Play 


 I Want You To Hurt Like You Hurt Me Today I Want You To Lose Like I Lose When I Play What Could Have Been You're Not Afraid Of The Future. With All Of Its Unknowns. What It We Tell Her That WeAre Divorcing. My Daughter Is Not A Weapon.

Best Game Of The Year 2021

 Take Him Away.

 The Fate Of The Freethinking World Is In Your Hands.

 I Know You've Been Meeting With Her Behind My Back.

 Is Not What You Think. 

 In Life And In Death.

 I Sense Suffering

Games Awards 2021


 You Have To Work On It, You Can't Just Give Up.

 We Are Never Getting Out Of Here.

 Let's See How Special You Are.

 I Have Been Doomed To A Life Of Solitude.

 Understand Suffering.

 It Will Not Be Fine, It Will Be ! Fantastical I Guess It's My Time To Shine. 

 Victory To The Alliance.

 When I Look Into Your Eyes, I See Lions.

 Can You Repeat That? After Him, Now!


Game Awards 2021

 Do You Feel It? Yes.

 You Want To Stay At Team?

 Enjoy The Beach.

 One Revolution Will Send Us.

 I'm Breaking This Loop. 

 Announcer: Welcome To The Game Awards 2021. Now Here's Your Host, Geoff Keighley.

Google Play Best Games 2021

 Geoff: Hello, Everybody! We're Here! We Made It! Hello Everyone Around The World. I'm Geoff Keighley, And This Is The Game Awards. Video Games Biggest Night, Live In Person! [Cheers And Applause] First Of All. Wasn't Sting Just Phenomenal? So Honored To Have Him Open Our Show. That Was What Could Have Been, From Arcane, The New Netflix Series Based On League Of Legends

Best Game Of The Year 2021

Thank You So Much Sting And The Game Awards Orchestra, Conducted By Lorne Balfe. That Was Absolutely Incredible, Thank You Guys. I Got To Say, It Feels So Incredible To Be Back Here On Stage At Microsoft Theater, Streaming Live To Tens Of Millions Of You Around The World. This Is A Night For The Fans. The Games We Love Are Nothing Without Amazing Developers And That Is Why We Do This Show, To Honor The Creators Of Games. Welcome To All Of You Guys Here Today. 

Games Awards 2021

So Good To See Everyone. We Got To Be Real And We Can't Ignore The Headlines That Are Out There. Game Creators Need To Be Supported By The Companies That Employ Them. I Think We All Agree With That. Let Me Say This Before We Get Any Of The News, We Should Not And Will Not Tolerate Any Abuse, Harassment And Predatory Practices By Anyone Including Our Online Communities. 

We All Love Games. If We Want To This Industry To Keep Growing We Must Build An Even Brighter And More Inclusive Future. The Games We Play, The Games That We Love We Can Impact The World Around Us. Tonight I Call On Everyone To Do Their Part To Build A Better, Save Your Video Game Industry. 

Game Awards 2021

Speak Out Online. Vote With Your Time And With Your Dollars, Empower These World Builders Who Are Creating The Future Of All Entertainment. Believe Me, The Future You Are About To See Looks Absolutely Incredible. 

Best Games Of The Year 2021

We Have A Lot Of Good Stuff For You, We Have So Much News To Get To. Now, To Present The Night's First Award, Please Welcome The Nominee Tonight And The Star Of Far Cry 6. The One And Only Giancarlo Esposito. [Cheers And Applause] 

 Giancarlo: Independence Allows A Game To Go A Little More Wild, Become A Bit Stranger, And The Freedom To Break Boundaries. Tonight's Radically Creative Nominees For Best Indie Game Demonstrate Excellence Achieved Through Great Risk. Here Are The Nominees For Best Indie Game.

Google Play Best Games 2021

 Announcer: Best Independent Game.

 I Know This Sounds Weird But The Day Is Repeating Itself.

 And The Game Award For Best Independent Game Goes To… Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. Announcer: Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. Also Wins Best Debut In The Game. It Was An Amazing Journey To Get Here, It Took A Lot Of Hard Work From An Awesome Team, A Few Of Them Are Here Today.

I Can't Say Enough About The Amazing People He Worked With To Make This Game And Make The Vision Come True. I Have To Thank Our Partners At Sony Who Believed In Us From The Very Beginning. All Of The Guys At Ethics Within With Us From The Beginning.

Think Everyone And This Is A Great Honor.



Game Awards 2021

 Geoff: Now It's Time To Look Into The Future. Two Years Ago, This Team Announced Their Game On This Very Stage. Now, They're Back With The First Gameplay Reveal. When I Saw This, I Couldn't Believe It Was Actual Gameplay. But It Is, Captured By The Team In Game This Past Weekend. Sit Back And Get Ready To Experience A New Level Of Cinematic Immersion.

 And She Said, With Our Swords We Will Forge New Stories To Strike The Gods That Haunt Us. You Might See Me As Weak, But I Will Show You What Lies Behind My Eyes. We Will Embrace Our Suffering, Soothe Our Scars Of Grief, And Break Their Siege Of Our Minds. You May See Them As God's, We Will Show You What Lies Behind Their Eyes. Listen. It's Coming. He Can Smell Your Fear. It Knows Our Name. 

Games Awards 2021

 To Risk Your Own Life For What You Believe Is Your Sacrifice To Make. It Can Lead Others To Death, One That Cinema Would Have To Learn To Live With. Death Is Coming. Look At The Bones, That Is Going To Be You. No One Has Ever Killed The Giant. Those Whose Eyes Are Clouded By Fear Are Besieged By The Ghosts Who Haunt Them. We Must Break This Siege, Break It With An Unshakable Truth. Break It With An Impossible Feat. [Rumbling] [Screaming] Do It! Over Here!


 Come On!

 It's Me It Wants To Kill.

 Help Me He's Seen You.

 I Know You.

 Geoff: Incredible. That's Not A Cinematic, That His Gameplay, That's Why We Do World Premieres Because The State Of Our Art Just Keeps Getting Better, Thanks To Ninja Theory For That Incredible Peace. It's Time For The First Of Many Brand-New Game Announcements At The Game Awards, I Hope You Are Ready.

Google Play Best Games 2021

 Geoff: What A Way To Kick Off Our Game Announcements! Star Wars It Clips Will Be The First Game Set In The High Republic Era Of The Star Wars Galaxy And It's Been Graded By Quantic Dream In Collaboration With Lucasfilm Games. There Are Many More Game Announcements To Come -- As Well As Awards. All Night We Are Partnering With Youtube Shorts

If You Have A Favorite Up For Game Of The Year Or Content Creator Of The Year, Post A Short With The Hashtags #Tgagoty Or #Tgacoty. Find Out How To Get Your Very Own Salty Consolation Gift. Right Now, It's Time To Meet Our First Global Gaming Citizens -- A Program We Started Back In 2018 To Turn Our Air Over To Individuals Who Are Building Positive, Inclusive Communities Around Gaming. We're Honored To Share Their Stories.


Best Game Of The Year 2021

 I Grew Up Playing Games. Games As A Little Kid, Little Gay Boy, Not Knowing Why I'm So Different, Games Gave Me A Place To Feel Safe And Be Myself. [Speaking Non-English Language] It Gave Me A Reference To Be Inspired, To Build Up All This Drag. This Insane Costume, This Hair, It Feels Powerful. 

As A Kid I Felt Weak, I Felt Like An Outsider. [Speaking Non-English Language] [Speaking Non-English Language] Now Let's Run To The Exit. When You Find People Who Have Similar Interests, You Can Be Yourself. You Don't Have To Be Worried About All These Things That Make A Difference, They Can Be What Makes You Special.



Game Awards 2021

 I've Got You Under My Skin I've Got You Deep In The Heart Of Me So Deep In My Heart That You're Really A Part Of Me I've Got You Under My Skin Hi, Folks, Pete Hines Here. We've Got Some Stuff On Sale But Let's All Take A Breather While We Give Away Hundreds Of Free Game Codes. 

Best Games Of The Year 2021

This Is Our Small Way To Say Thank You For Playing Our Games For The Past 35 Years. And We Are Just Getting Started. Including Stuff That Hasn't Even Leaked, Yet. If You Can't Imagine Doing Anything Other Than Developing And Publishing Games Like Us, Across Bethesda And All Of Our Studios, We Are Hiring. Consider This Our Invitation To Join Us. 

There Is A Lot Of Work To Be Done And We Are Running Out Of Platforms To Port Sky Rim To. Because It's Not Simple To Give Anything Away For Free These Days, Here's A Bunch Of Legal Text. Piece Is The Fallen Dream Of Mortals. But This World, This Is More Than You Can Ever Imagine.

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Once Again, The Chaos Gates Have Burst Open. The Demon Legions Blot Out The Sun. Do Not Give In. There Is Still One Chance To End This Madness. Find The Ark Before All Is Lost.


Games Awards 2021

 Geoff: That Was A New Look At Lost Ark From Amazon Games, Coming In February. Speaking Of Amazon, We're Proud To Partner With Prime Gaming On The Game Awards -- They Helped Me Get Summer Game Fest Off The Ground, And This Month You Can Level Up Your Gaming Experience With Free Games Including Need For Speed, Hot Pursuit, Tales Of Monkey Island, And Frostpunk. There's Always Something New To Play Every Month. And For

Google Play Best Games 2021

 The Games You Already Own, You Can Unlock Skins, Weapons And More Including In League Of Legends, New World, Apex Legends And Roblox. Check Regularly For New Drops And Surprises At Gaming.Amazon.Com. Next, In The Days Leading Into The Game Awards I Read The Internet With A Little Bit Of Fear -- Wondering If Some Of Tonight's Big Surprises Might Leak. This One Sure Didn't. It's Time For A New Game Announcement That No One Had On Their Bingo Card. Enjoy.


Best Game Of The Year 2021

 My Daughter. A New Threat Comes To Our Shores. And I Must Call You Home. Restore What Has Been Broken. Unite Old Enemies, Forge New Bonds. You Are A Hero, But You Can Be More. You Can Be A Leader. You Are Wonder Woman. [Applause]


 Announcer: They're The Actors Who Portrayed Ellie And Abby In The Last Of Us Part Two, Please Welcome Ashley Johnson And Laura Bailey. [Cheers And Applause] Every Year The Best Performance Category Brings Surprising New Faces And Portrayals Of Wildly Different Characters. 

 Laura: Tonight's Nominated Actors Continue This Tradition, Once Again Stunning Us With Their Extraordinary Depth And Dedication. Ashley: Here Are The Nominees For Best Performance. Announcer: Best Performance. I've Seen The Truth About You. I've Seen The Worst Parts Of You.

Best Games Of The Year 2021

 To Rebuild Paradise, The Cost Will Be Blood To.

 Eight Geniuses Who Painted Up A Prison In Name But Freedom.

 You Escaped My Little Brother's Idiot, Did You?

 Everybody Chose To Be Here, Colt.

 Don't Hide Your True Self!

 Laura: And The Game Award For Best Performance Goes To...

Maggie Robertson

Most Anticipated Game Of 2021

[Cheers And Applause] That Was The Scariest Walk I've Ever Done In My Life. It Is An Honor To Receive This Award. I Would Like To Get A Really Huge Thank You To Capcom For Creating A Wonderful Game Full Of Rich And Dynamic Characters, And To Rosanna And D.J. With The Workhouse, To Steve Our Amazing Cinematics Director. 

I've Said This Before And I'm Going To Say It Again Because I'm A Broken Record, You Took A Chance On Me When You Hired Me For This Role And In Doing So You Have Changed My Life. Being A Part Of This Game, Playing This Role And Becoming A Member Of This Amazing Community Has Changed My Life. Thank You So Much. [Cheers And Applause] 

Google Play Best Games 2021

 We All Come To A Story With Hopes And Expectations Looking For An Answer. Sometimes It Would Be Better To Live With Hope Without Ever Finding The Story. This Is Not The Story You Want It To Be. This Story Will Eat You Alive. This Story Is A Monster. Monsters Have Many Faces. [Screaming] [Applause] I'm Now Joined By Sam Lake. We've Waited A Decade! Why Is Now The Right Time To Bring Him Back? 

Game Awards 2021

 Apologies, It's Been Raining Here In Los Angeles. Today It's On Us. Fiction Leaking Out Into Reality. Ten Years, Over Ten Years. We've Been Iterating On The Concept And We Know Fans Have Been Asking For It. We Knew This Is Going To Be A Pretty Scary Experience. Now We Are Convinced Everybody Is Ready. You Are Ready. 

 Geoff: What Kind Of Game Are We Going To Get For The Sequel? We Are Breaking New Ground, This Is Going To Be Remedy's First-Ever Survival Horror Game. The First Game Had Horror Elements To It But It Was An Action Game And We Feel This Is The Perfect Genre To Bring Together The Story And Gameplay, Closer Than Ever Before. The Horse Story Is Very Hard And It's Psychological, Deep, Layered Mystery. 

Most Anticipated Game Of 2021

 Geoff: You Are Such An Incredible Visionary I Can't Wait To See What You've Done With This Game. This Is Your Dream Project And I'm So Honored We Got To Announce This At The Game Awards. We Are Going To Hear More, Next Year? Yes. Fitting To The Theme We Are Going To Go Dark For A While To Work On This, We'll Be Back Next Year. Summertime To Show More. 

 Geoff: Summer 2022, More On Alan Wake 2. Now I'd Like To Welcome A Comedian, Writer, And Well Known Chili Dog Enthusiast -- It's Ben Schwartz. [Cheers And Applause] Ben: How Is Everybody Tonight? Hey Everyone, My Name Is Ben Schwartz, I Play The Voice Of Sonic In The Sonic The Hedgehog Movies And I Just -- That's Very Kind -- I Just Wanted To Say Thank You So Much For Supporting Our Movie. 

Best Games Of The Year 2021

Also Thank You For The Note About Sonic's Legs And The Teeth In Our Original Trailer. For Real. It Was A Good Note. Happy That All Worked Out. We Needed That. We Really Needed That. The Good News Is, So Many Of You Loved Our First Movie, That We Got To Make A Sequel. Yes! Sure, Two Other People With Me At The End. And Today, I Brought With Me The Trailer To That Sequel. I Mean This Isn't The Actual Trailer, 

 Video Game Awards 2021 Sxs Video Game Awards 2021 Nominees Board Game Awards 2021 New York Game Awards 2021 Mobile Game Awards 2021 When Is The Next Game Awards 2021, Japan Game Awards 2021 The Game Awards 2021 Tickets E3 Game Awards 2021 Game Of The Year Awards 2021 Gamehers Awards 2021 Gamer Awards 2021, Gamescom Awards 2021 Game Developers Choice Awards 2021 Game Changer Awards 2021.

This Is A Blank Dvd For Effect. If This Was The Real Trailer, We Would Be Screwed Because There's No Way There Is A Computer In That Booth That Has A Dvd Drive. This Would Be Troublesome. Anyway, I Can't Tell You How Excited We All Are About Sonic 2. So Many Incredible People Are In This Movie: James Marsden, Tika Sumpter, Colleen O'shaughnessey As Tails, Idris Elba As Knuckles, And Of Course The Legend Jim Carrey As Doctor Robotnik.

Most Anticipated Game Of 2021

 [Cheers And Applause] Jim Has Actually Sent A Special Video Over To Say Hello To You All. And You Guys Are In Luck. I Have The Video Right Here. A Call Back. Just Kidding, This Is Blank, Still. Let's Play The Video Of Jim. I'm Excited To Meet All Of Your Avatars In The Meta-Verse, Before You See This Exciting New Sonic Trailer, I Would Like To Pass On A Word Of Advice That My Scottish Grandfather Gave To Me When I Was A Boy. 

He Said Son, Don't Graded In The Grinder. Graded Till The Cows Come Home. Don't Graded In The Grinder. To Drive The Point Home, His Hands Are Around My Neck And He Squeezed Real Hard At It And He Don't Do It Son! Don't Graded In The Grinder! Are You Listening To Me, Boy? Are You Listening? Ben: Wow. Inspiring Words. 

Thank You, Jim, I Think We All Needed To Hear That. Ticket And If You Need To. Okay, Here We Go. Thank You Again For Continuing To Support The Blue Blur And It Is My Honor To Present To You The Trailer For Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Enjoy. Big Stretch, Little Snack, Here We Go. I Love That You Want To Help Make A Difference. Mind If I Drive? You're Being Reckless. Nobody Is Going To Get Her To. 

Games Awards 2021

 Pretending To Be Batman. Blue Justice, Trademark Pending. You're Still Just A Kid. Trust Me There Will Come A Moment When Your Powers Will Be Needed To. But You Don't Choose That Moment, That Moment Chooses You. I Just Got Goose Bumps, Did You Steal That From Oprah? He's Back! Papa's Got A Brand-New Stache. Since I've Been Gone I've Discovered The Source Of Ultimate Power. That Sounds Big, It's Been On My Vision Board For Years. Hope I'm Not Too Late. 

Game Awards 2021

 Who Are You? Of The Name His Tales. This Is What We Are Going To Do, Step One, Light Taunting, Step 2, I Have No Idea. Whoa! That Wasn't Too Bad The. Today's Forecast Calls For A 100% Chance Of Adventure. Return To Sender. Face It, You're Never Going To Get My Powers. Do I Look Like I Need Your Power? Where Are My Manners? Sonic, Meat Knuckles. [Cheers And Applause] 

 Geoff: So Fun. Next, One Of Your Nominees Tonight For Most Anticipated Game Is Horizon: Forbidden West From Guerrilla Games. The Team Is Hard At Work Back Home In Amsterdam Finishing It Up For A February Release, But I Am So Grateful They Found A Little Time To Put Together This For The Fans. The Land Is Dying. And The Machines Are Out Of Control.


Whatever Comes, I Will Be Ready. [Applause] [Cheers And Applause] Geoff: Wow, Game Awards Orchestra. I'm So Ready For This Game. Thank You So Much To Lauren And The Orchestra, And For Her First Trip To The United States, The Beautiful Julie Elven. Speaking Of Music, Last Week You Probably Saw Everyone Posting Their Spotify Wrapped On Social Media. 

Most Anticipated Game Of 2021

My Top Artists Of 2021? Rufus Du Sol, Sam Fender, And Dayglow. You Can Make Your Spotify Wrapped Now In The App, And Stick Around As We Reveal, For The First Time, The Most Listened To Spotify Artists And Songs On Gaming Consoles In 2021! 

Also On The Music Front, Some Of The Music We've Been Playing Tonight Is From Sessions: Diana, Riot Games Project With Music Made To Be Safe To Stream Without Fears Of Copyright Issues. Check Out Sessions.Riotgames. Com To Download The Full Album. And Now It's Time For A Special And Long-Awaited Announcement. 

Cloud, Let Us Defy Destiny Together. You're Going To Do What? This Will Be A Memory To Cherish For The Rest Of Your Life. What Have You Done? They Deserve What's Coming. Yeah, But I'm Not Your Sister. Let The Hunt Begin. Surrender To The Darkness, Embrace It. [Screaming] High-Quality Pc Games You Better Remember Our Names Game Pass Xbox Game Pass For Pc 2021 Game Awards Xbox Game Pass For Pc, What We Think? 

You Know, I Like That We Animate It At. Welcome. I Under Stand The Impulse To Do Something Big, What Do Pc Gamers Actually Want? They Love Brand-New Pc Games. We Have Great Ones Coming Day 1, Some Of Them Haven't Even Been Announced Yet. What If We Tweet Out This List More Or Less Linking It. I Retweeted Because I Have So Many More Followers. Tweet That, It's Out There. For Activity. 

Games Awards 2021

When People Think About Xbox Game Pass They Think About Console, They Don't Know We Are A Pc Gaming Service. Why Not Just Call It A Pc Game Pass? That's A Great Idea. We Are Going With That. Just Like That You're Going To Change The Name Of The Whole Thing? He Calls Himself Geta. All We Have To Do Is Add Some Top-Tier Streamers. 

What About 100 Thieves? Big Fans. Where Are The Other 97? We'll Take It From Here. We Have Cameos And Ideas Percolating, We're Just Talking About How We Bill You. Are We Really Going To Make An Ad For The Game Awards And You're Not Going To Wrapping It At All? If I Could Get Away With That. Game Pass Has Pc Games Here We Are At The Gta It's Like We Are Saying 

We Are At The Game Awards Hello, Game Awards, My Name Is Mr. Savage. It's Really Bad If You Are Stressed Before You Are Trying To Play A Game Or Tournament, If I Was Stressed After School It Would Be Able To Focus Properly And It Would Make Everything Ten Times Harder. 

Together With Truth I Have An Important Message. Vaping Can Increase Anxiety Symptoms And Stress Levels. People Need To Know The Truth About Vaping Nicotine. Announcer: Please Welcome Actor Simu Liu. [Cheers And Applause] [Applause] Simu: Hey, Guys, What's Up? I'm Here To Present The Game Award For Best Action -- I Guess. Shoot, That's So Sick! As A Martial Arts Superhero Myself, I Know A Little Thing Or Two About Action. 

Game Awards 2021

Snapped With The Plasma Sort Of? Where Was I? Prompter, Right. Action Is The Best When It's Kinetic And Fast-Paced And Totally Organic To The Dash You Did Not, Master Chief! No You Didn't! Sorry -- Look. You Guys Know That Halo Just Came Out, Right? It's Literally Sitting In My Living Room While I Got To Be Here. Instead Of Playing Halo, I'm On Stage Presenting The Game Award For Best Action While Watching Streamers On Twitch. 

 The Game Awards 2021 The Game Awards 2021 Nominees The Game Awards 2021 Predictions The Game Awards 2021 Winners The Game Awards 2021 Nominees Vote The Game Awards 2021, Tickets The Game Awards 2021 Wiki The Game Awards 2021 Time The Game Awards 2021 Twitter The Game Awards 2021 Reddit She Runs It Changing The Game Awards 2021, The Video Game Awards 2021 The New York Game Awards 2021.

It Seems Like A Pretty Reasonable Compromise. Anyway, Here Are The Nominees. Announcer: Best Action Game. Night-Night. A Revolution Is Not Won By The Fearless. It Is One By The Feared. It's Changed, Everything Has Changed. [Applause] Simu: Sorry, Sorry. The Game Award For Best Action Game Goes To... Returnal. [Cheers And Applause] Wow, Thank You. We Are So Happy To Be Here To Accept The Award For Everyone Who Worked On Returnal. I Could Tell Returnal Was A Special Game And It Was An Amazing Team That Pulled It Off And Brought Me The Game You Played Today. 

Thank You For The Amazing Team, Our Incredible Development Partners That Helped Us Build A Returnal, Our Amazing Partners At X Dev And Everyone At Playstation, We Are So Grateful We Could Build A Game Like Returnal Pick Of The Biggest Thanks Has To Go To The Players, Thank You For Playing And Thank You Supporting Returnal. [Cheers And Applause] Is That? It Can't Be. It Is. Just Start At The Beginning. We Landed On Mars. 

Google Play Best Games 2021

And It Looked Wrong. Like We Were In A Dream. And You Boarded The Ship. Yeah, We Wanted To Find Her. And Try Gain The Upper Hand. But She Was Baiting Us. What Happened Next? My Ghost Brought Me Back And Kept Going. She Knew We Would. That's When You Saw The Night. I'll Never Forget It. They Refused To Die. They Are Just Like Us. 

And You Are Sure, You're Absolutely Sure It Was Light. The Illusions Can Fool The Senses. No, I Know What I Saw. This Is Real. What Made You Push Forward? We Need To Know What That Thing Was. What Has She Done? [Cheers And Applause] Geoff: It Looks So Good. Destiny:The Witch Queen. All Happens In The Very First Mission Of The Witch Queen, Out On February 22, 2022. Happy 30th Anniversary To Bungie! 

You Can Celebrate With Bungie Right Now For Free In Destiny 2 To Celebrate 30 Years Of Bungee. A Few Months Ago A Japanese Game Creator Reached Out And Said I Want To Announce My Next Game At The Game Awards And I'm So Honored To Have This Opportunity To Present This Global Announcement To All Of You, Please Enjoy. [Applause] Geoff: That's A Fun One. Thank You Again For That Very Special Announcement. 

Best Games Of The Year 2021

Speaking Of Just That, We Have Yet Another Brand-New Game To Announce From A Studio Of Industry Veterans. [Shrieking] Ever Since The Day The Portal Network Collapsed Stranding Us In These Realms, We Have Searched For A Way Home. Lost And Alone In The Dangerous Labyrinth Of Fantastic Worlds. Welcome To The Lands Of Faye. Every Portal Is A Chance For Salvation. Uniting The Lost Survivors. Leading Us Deeper Into This Nightmare. Nightingale, Our Beacon Of Hope. 

As Long As We Stand Together, Our Journey Will Unite Us. You, The Realm Walker's Are All That Is Left. [Roaring] Love Brand-New Ip And Joining Me Now Is Aaron Flynn From Inflection Games, You Were On Stage For The First Game Awards In 2014 Accepting Game Of The Year For Dragon Age And Now You Have A New Studio Up In Canada, 

What Kind Of Game Do We Get Here With Nightingale? Survival Crafting Game, Shared World Idea, Want To Bring Players Together, Solo Experiences -- Lots Of Ability To Go And Explore These Fantastical Realms, Lots Of Opportunity For Community Building, That Sort Of Thing. Geoff: You Showed Me -- You're Pretty Far Along, That's Real Gameplay Footage? Yeah, It Pc Only If You Want To See More Play Till Next Go To Nightingale.Com. 

Geoff: We Got Much More Coming Up What We Are Also Going To Introduce You To Our Game Awards Second Annual Future Class, A Group Of 50 Individuals Who Represent The Inclusive Future Of Our Industry. You Can See The Full List At Thegameawards.Com. 

We Are Also Partnering With Google Play To Have Our Future Class Mentor The Next Generation Of Women In Gaming. Google Play's Change The Game Aims To Improve Female Representation And Create Meaningful Change In The Industry. For The Next 12 Months, A Selected Group Of Teenagers Will Have Access To Industry Leaders And Receive Hands-On Guidance From Last Year's Game Awards Future Class As Mentors. 

Best Games Of The Year 2021

Right Now, Meet One Of The New Members Of Our Future Class. I'm D.J. Night. They Are Going To Hit Me Right Now And I Love It. My Focus Is Primarily Joy. Everybody Has The Potential To Be Cynical About Everything. I Hate Everything! It's Easy To Do That, It's Much More Enjoyable To Find The Good To. A Lot Of That Started When I Was In The Military. Finding Out People Shot Rockets At Your Plane It's A Reminder That Nothing Is Promised. Do You Want Back At Your Life And Negativity? 

Or Focus On The Good? I Am Thrilled To Announce Our New Musical Collaboration. Lunches On Beat Saber Tonight, See You All In Multiplayer. They'll Find Us, They Will See Us! Nasty, Filthy, Kill Them! We Must Hide, We Can't Let Them Get There Nasty -- Filthy Hands On Our Precious. [Laughter] Final Fantasy 14 Just Released Its Latest Expansion And To Celebrate Their Partnering With Grub Pub On Something Really Cool, Check Out A Piece 

I Did With Them And Enjoy The Rest Of Your Show. Let's Focus Off, It's Time To Raid The. Pizza Party! Where Did You Get The Pizza? Now When You Order With Grubhub, You Get Free Delivery And Unlock Exclusive Pizza Emote In The Final Fantasy 14. I'm Crying In My Pepperoni. We've All Been There. I'm A Dead Man Walking. 


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