New York Construction Accident Lawyer at $30 | New York City Construction Accident Lawyer

Injured on a construction site? Speak with a New York Construction Accident Lawyer, who will fight for you. New York Construction Accident Lawyer at $30 USD | New York City Construction Accident Lawyer.

Construction workers are involved in a lot of workers comp claims and a lot of accidents because it's a dangerous industry. You have people who are bricklayers or masons. You have a lot of local unions and each trade is pretty dangerous, whether you're an electrician whether. You are working on a scaffold or a ladder just the nature of the work. 

New York Construction Accident Lawyer

It will be dangerous for people to fall from heights and falling from a height is protected under the New York labor law. This is a special statute designed by the legislature to protect construction workers under section 240 of the labor law.

If you fall from a height, the owner of the property where the construction is being done as well as the general contractor on that job site, is going to be liable for your injuries.

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New York Construction Accident Lawyer
New York Construction Accident Lawyer

New York City Construction Accident Lawyer Chris Sallay

So let me start by introducing Chris Sally to you. Chris is a lawyer in my office. I said he's a partner of mine and he does handle many of the construction cases. We have in the office whether it's a 240 days 2014 16 case. 

Chris is also at the field experience in the handy block is it worth of products liability cases and we are very open to going to Chris. We have questions such as whether or not something is going to pull within two 4002 41-6 and what the appropriate section of the industrial code is he seems that all the answers for us.

We're very happy to have Chris here with us. Without further ado, let me, when you piss off Sally, I will start with a blank. Thank you very top, so you get a phone call from the show before you start. How many plaintiff attorneys, when your primary points work here in the audience and how many primary defense insurance adjusters, I playing it here's half a case that generally goes as far as. 

What are you doing when you start digging up at the inception of the case, you get a phone call nine times out of 10 to 20 referring attorneys got a great label. Okay, see, oh yeah, climb fell off 11 sounds good. What was he doing? Oh, he was hanging alive all that his brother-in-law's house is already telling you that's not a liberal case. 

New York City Construction Accident Lawyer

There's a lot more that goes into it this is simply a lot of attorneys think a link below case you simply type up a letter back Fulop scaffold, I'm going to get a check. It's not that simple in case there are a lot of things that have To be done If would had been asked to do this thing, I put up that initial phone call.

I had with the referring attorney, client, or relative of the client remember. What questions did I ask at the beginning and why I asked them the first question? I always ask what that period was and why he was allowed by vaginas capital. He better be doing some type of construction type activity. There's a statute labeled of statute Brian. 

When she went over in detail, I could go with all the nuances of the statute in the detail. He did, but it better be doing something construction early. He better not be doing it simply. Like I said, hang a light bulb at his brother-in-law's house.

Okay, he's going to be doing something construction-related and he has to be employed at the construction site. He can't be just visiting, it can't be a volunteer like Brian said, he's got to be doing something that. He was, therefore he was employed at the site so that's a question I would ask why was he there keeps hanging sheetrock all right so I never fell off a ladder is hanging sheetrock.

Okay, she brought me for construction. What type of building was he working on was it a one or two-family house critically important question. Because if I don't ask that question, I couldn't steal, I infinite whether I can sue the owner of the house. If I sue the house owner and its one or two penthouses, the Wolves change. 

I have to show specific direction and control by the owner to hold on to a libel under the labor law I'm to lay below 240 if it's a 10-story building. I don't have to show that level of control of it with a one or two-family house.

So I want to know why he was there. What type of work was he doing? Is it a building or a structure? I can cause my back below the ladder what was he doing. He was cutting things like a tree, why was he doing that well they were clearing the area of the vacant lot to put up a high-rise all right, that might be incidental and deep related enough to a construction project that I can bring a label or 240 claimed. 

Should I hire a construction accident attorney?

She was cutting a tree down because his neighbor decided the treatment overhangs the yard and it was reduced and leaves we're getting this pool. Well, that's not any fell off the ladder that's not a later looking for decorative that's not fun I find that out in the initial phone book the last thing.

I found out the additional phone quiet for things that, I found out that initial phone call what was wrong with the safety device simple question. If the guy fell off the ladder because Ian stepped in oil and trapped, it up the ladder he set himself there was nothing at all wrong with the ladder. 

Well, I may have a problem in that case, I still may be able to wear it for other reasons but I haven't. I know at the very beginning they had a problem with the necklace, and I have to know about it I'd like to use expressions, and I always say, and you'll nearly repeat throughout, this entire time does the clientele a labor lost story the courts. 

What is a construction accident lawyer?

One year later, low story most of the appellate cases, and you'll see in Bryant off the battery. It chuckles out of them involve, the most ridiculous fat patterns you've ever seen guys doing things at a construction site. Some of the things that you can't imagine, why on earth anyone in their right mind would. 

You had a construction site and that open it makes the wall on a little low case the logo back and forth and I'm saying that you understand. What this law is evolving into, I think the court used in cosmic. I'm sorry the court of appeals used the expression this is constantly evolving Charles Darwin could not figure out the evolution of it goes back and forth every five years depending on who's sitting on it. 

What court and at what time and what weird fact, I don't know yet so you I wish right upper is when I get that initial phone call, that initial investigation, that I want to give up is the client talent a label or story once I had that in my mind all right, here's. 

Construction Accident Lawyer

What happened he fell off a ladder why did he fall off the ladder the ladder was placed on uneven ground, and why was it placed on the ground that's the only place he could have put the ladder to do this sheetrock work?

He was doing all right now. I have a label, okay, possibly. I have a ladder that's unsteady or unfit for the purposes and according to the statute reminder, you do not provide adequate protections for the work and that's the line, one thing I do almost every time I get a label. 

Okay, see, I pulled a copy of the label of 240 and I read over it to make sure I didn't have my equity safe of this my throne in five and I made sure I have it so that, I can always refer to it. So I know I can meet those grammars because it's not common luckily, there's my negligence in specific claims against an owner and a GC or an agent of the owner, who oftentimes times and nothing to do whatsoever with the habit of X and half time.

You want even a bed, especially the owner, you entered a construction project. I mean, I very rarely ever see an owner of a construction project. Well, I've taken the deposition of saying that when we were there at the site, I had visited once a month.

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