17 BEST Christmas Gifts for HER *Holiday Gift Guide 2021* Best Christmas Gifts 2021 Canada

17 BEST Christmas Gifts for HER *Holiday Gift Guide 2021*

- Hello, everyone. Merry Christmas!

I'm so excited to be sharing my very first Christmas gift guide of the year and it's for the ladies out there. So for your mom, your best friend, a sister, a coworker, maybe yourself. I love these Christmas gifts ideas. I feel like they're really unique, and I've been working so hard on it. 

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Best Christmas Gifts 2021 Canada

So everything that I share today will be linked down below in the description box according to the number that you see here on screen, so it makes it really easy to shop, really easy to find things. You can write down your favorite numbers. None of it is sponsored. I did find a few discount codes here and there, but it's not sponsored. 

Best Christmas Gifts 2021 Canada
Best Christmas Gifts 2021 Canada

Toronto Gift Ideas 2021

These are just really great ideas for people also of all ages. So, I hope you enjoy this. And also consider subscribing because I am also gonna be doing my yearly video with my husband Josh, the Christmas gifts for guys and that's coming out very soon along with some other Christmas gifts idea videos. So I hope you'll like it. 

Best Gifts From Canada

I wanted to post this a little bit earlier than normal because people are shopping earlier than normal. So without further ado, let's get started. Okay, so this very first Christmas gifts idea, oh my goodness, I love this so much. I feel like you should run out and get it for yourself and then get it as a Christmas gifts too because it's $45 for this mini tote, but, oh my goodness, is it more than a mini tote. 

Best Christmas Gifts 2020 Canada

It does so many things. It's so versatile. It's reversible so you can, there's technically two bags in one, so you can get it in this black color, and then I went with the other color to be like this beautiful camel color. You flip this inside out. You get two bags in one. 

Best Gifts From Canada

They've other color tones as well. And like I said, it is like a mini size, but it holds quite a bit. You can also add a strap. It comes with this strap that is very adjustable, so it can be a cross-body bag, it can be a shoulder bag. And it also comes with this wallet. 

Best Gifts On Amazon Canada

You can attach it in here and use it as a wallet or use it as a wristlet. I just think that for the price point, the amount of different things it does, it's just amazing. That Christmas gifts idea was definitely inspired by this tote bag which is by the same brand. This is only, this is under 50 bucks, and it's a larger, more, you know, regular-size tote bag. 

Toronto Gift Ideas 2021

This is also a great Christmas gifts idea. So I'll link this under that same number, number one. But this one, I have it in the leopard and black. So I technically have, again, two bags in one. I've had this now going on two years, and it still looks amazing. I still use it all the time. Such a good Christmas gifts idea

1. Mini Reversible Tote: https://bit.ly/3GR7yyD

Larger Reversible Tote: https://bit.ly/2Uy6gBC

2. Ekster Wallet: https://shop.ekster.com/sheawhitney

**Use code SHEA for 5% off + their site-wide sale!!**

3. Makeup/Toiletry Bag: https://amzn.to/3k3zV2Q

(mine is Large size)

4. Flannel Shirt (mine is size M): https://amzn.to/3bBxC2q or https://amzn.to/3wfJl0k

5. Gold Watch (huge sale!!): https://amzn.to/3nRHtXL

6. Miranda Frye Jewelry: https://mirandafrye.com

**Use code SHEA for 10% off everything!**

7. Food Dice: https://bit.ly/3EETYg0

Dinner Planning Notepad: https://bit.ly/3mJO47j

8. Personalized Charcuterie Board:

Option 1: https://bit.ly/3nYfN3c

Option 2: https://bit.ly/3Ez7m5k

Option 3: https://bit.ly/3EIVTQQ

9. Mind Cards: https://bit.ly/3q5nckg

10. Equilibria CBD: https://myeq.info/3BJbtd1

**Use code sheawhitney for 15% off...code is always stackable!**

11. Coffee Chiller: https://amzn.to/2ZNTANz

12. Wine Opener: https://amzn.to/2ZPwIN0

13. Sephora Beauty Best-Sellers Set: https://bit.ly/3GLlVod

Perfume Best-Sellers Set: https://bit.ly/3q39pdP

Hair Best-Sellers Set: https://bit.ly/3mGID8S

14. Olaplex Hair Set: https://bit.ly/3k1SrIW

15. Hair Styler: https://amzn.to/3BFgl2V

16. Buttery Leopard Blankets: https://bit.ly/3tVM120

17. Real Plant: https://amzn.to/3bB9CMU

Best Gifts Under 50 Canada

So this next Christmas gifts idea is extra cool because I kind of collaborated with him on it. And, again, none of these is sponsored, but if you've been watching my channel for a few years now, I have recommended Ekster Wallets in the past but usually just for guys. But I love it so much, I wanted one that would be great for women too and men, like both. 

So I helped them design this one. I picked out the leather, the grain, and different details about it. It even has my name engraved here on the side. It says Shea Whitney, not that you have need to see that. But there's just something extra special about this wallet that makes it very unique. 

Best Christmas Gifts 2021 Canada

So guys love it because it's slim. Women love it because you can literally fit it into any bag, like a mini bag, a tote bag, whatever, and it just makes it easy. But when you open it up, there is a button here, and you press the button, and it fans out all of your cards so you can easily see all of the cards that you have. You can pick what you need, pay, do whatever, stick it back in in any order, push it back down, and you're good to go. 

Best Gifts From Canada

It also has the RFID blocking technology, but, really, it's the button, the button that makes it super unique. This is what guys love. Women love it. I love the coloring of this. So I do have a code, a discount code. I'll put it here on the screen. Definitely a great Christmas gifts idea for many people. 

Best Gifts On Amazon Canada

This next Christmas gifts idea, I love it so much, everyone needs to have this, that's why it's in this video. So if you get this for somebody, they will thank you. They will love it. It is a makeup or toiletry travel bag, which you don't have to use it just for travel. I do, but you can also use it on an everyday basis. So let me just show you how it works. First of all, the price point, awesome, like such a good price. It is from Amazon. I'm telling you it's amazing. 

Toronto Gift Ideas 2021

So I got it in black this time around. I personally have it in like a pink blush color. So there are different colors. I just went with black because I do feel like it's going to hide the dirt long term. But you just unzip it. It's buttery smooth. You open it and it completely expands to hold so much. 

Best Christmas Gifts 2020 Canada

I mean literally, it holds so much, full-sized products, all of your makeup, everything you need, and you can visibly see everything here in the pouches. It's all wipeable, and it comes with this hook, so you just hang it on the back of a door or the back of a shower, and it keeps everything off the bathroom counter. And then when you're done, you can just fold this up. 

Best Gifts Under 50 Canada

It expands, it zips, and you can pack it away in your suitcase. Or, again, you could keep it in your own bathroom and keep things off the bathroom counter. So this is just so, so, so good. I love it so much. I think anybody you Christmas gifts this to will absolutely love it. Next, we have something you can't go wrong with this. Literally, everyone of all ages will like this because it's in style, it's trendy, but like classic at the same time. 

Best Gifts From Canada

It's a flannel shirt jacket. You can wear it as a jacket. You can wear it as a shirt. It's from Amazon so the price is awesome, but the quality is great. It's so soft. It's so warm and cozy. There's many color options as well. I'm wearing a medium. So I want it to be just a little bit oversized, nothing too crazy. 

But, again, it's something that if you do like giving clothes and you're not sure exactly what size to get, this is very forgiving. You can just throw it on, and people can wear it in so many ways. You just can't go wrong with a good flannel. So next, we have something that I'm not normally drawn to, but, my goodness, I was drawn to this, and I haven't decided if I'm keeping it for myself or Christmas giftsing it away. 

Best Christmas Gifts 2020 Canada

But it's a watch. It's by Anne Klein. Such good reviews. Amazing, amazing, amazing quality. Really good price point. I'm pretty sure this is on sale right now. And I picked out the one with the emerald-green face. I think it's beautiful against the yellow gold. 

There's just something about that color combo. Emerald green right now is really in, so I feel like this is an awesome way to kind of incorporate that. But even if you don't like that, they have like so many other colors. They even have just like classic yellow gold or silver or even like mixed tones. 

Best Gifts On Amazon Canada

So there's definitely a lot of styles to choose from. But they're just really high quality. They are presented really nicely, and it definitely makes a great Christmas gifts idea. Next, we have some jewelry, and this comes as no surprise. I've been recommending and wearing Miranda Frye Jewelry for years at this point. 

Best Christmas Gifts 2021 Canada

They are a semi-fine jewelry brand so the quality is amazing, but the styles are even better. So even the earrings that I'm wearing today, I will also flash some of my favorites and like the best-sellers that they're known for on the screen.

And you can always use my code, it's SHEA, and it's for 10% off and free shipping. But they actually recently sent me this, and I thought it also had some good Christmas gifts ideas. I think some of these pieces recently launched. So here is an initial necklace. And I just feel like any time, you can kinda personalize it to somebody. It makes a great Christmas gifts idea. Also, we have to talk about these MF cuffs and rings because it's so reminiscent of Cartier. 

Toronto Gift Ideas 2021

So this bracelet looks very much like the Cartier Love Bracelet, but, obviously, is at a fraction of the cost, but, again, like really good quality, many size options, so you can really customize it and make it fit your wrist beautifully. And then also, this MF ring, again, looks like the Cartier Love Rings. And, again, everything comes in silver and yellow gold, so you can really get that look and kinda stack things. 

I just think that this is the great, great quality, and everyone will love it. Next up, we have some really fun and unique Christmas gifts ideas for people with different interests. So first up, we have a Christmas gifts idea for people that love food and love to cook. That is so not me. Do not buy this for me. 

Best Gifts From Canada

But these are the foodie dyes, very, very well-priced and, again, really unique, and you probably don't even know what it is. But, again, it's for people that love to cook, and it comes with a set of dice, five primary dies which gives you a cooking method, a protein, a grain and carb, an herb bonus, and an ingredient like a special, special bonus ingredient. 

And then there are different dice for seasonal veggies. And, basically, what you do is you roll the dice and the person has to then go shopping or really just cook something with what they have that kind of fits all of the dice categories, and it just makes cooking more fun. And so I went ahead and I added on this bonus notepad. 

Best Gifts From Canada

It's called WHAT'S FOR DINNER, and you can really plan out your meals, you know, what you should shop for, your meat, dairy, produce, pantry, other. And it does have a magnet on the back so you can keep it maybe on your fridge or whatnot. But this whole set is just really inexpensive and something people with love, if they like to be in the kitchen. 

This next idea, I actually don't have, I'm just gonna go ahead and insert a photo, but it's a personalized charcuterie board. Am I even saying that right? They are so popular right now. They're so trendy. Everyone's loving them. And they really make having parties a little bit more fun. 

Best Gifts On Amazon Canada

Heck, some people decorate them all up and don't even throw a party, like they just have fun with their immediate family, and you just put like cheeses and crackers and fruits and make it all nice. And I just think a personalized one with maybe a family name or maybe when the family got married or, you know, it could just really work for many different households, but, again, the personalized touch just takes it to the next level. 

This next idea is really small and affordable, but it packs a punch. So this would be a great add-on Christmas gifts or maybe even a stocking stuffer. But I'm telling you, it's pretty powerful. They are called Mind Cards, and the daily cards for a more fulfilling life, so you really just read one of these cards everyday, it's make you think about things you wouldn't normally think about, it actually sometimes tells you to try something you wouldn't normally try. 

Best Christmas Gifts 2020 Canada

It's nothing like crazy. Like for instance, the one I read the other day and I did was phone an olderly relative and talk to them for ten minutes and tell them how much you care about them. You know, it's just there's a lot of categories here like, Gratitude, Kindness, Reflection. It gives you different rituals you can try, they are just really powerful. Again, really well priced and I think a lot of girls and women of all ages would love it. 

So speaking of getting your mind in the right place, getting you emotions in check, just feeling balanced I also think Equilibria or CBD is such a good Christmas gifts idea because so any people have been wanting to try this they just haven't like pull the trigger. I do think this is a great Christmas gifts idea maybe for yourself but also for the close people in you life, like maybe your mom, maybe a sister, maybe a best friend. And I really think Equilibria like I'm so picky when it comes to this topic. 

Best Christmas Gifts 2021 Canada

I, I really think they are the best brand for so many reasons. But they do have some holiday bundles so it just comes beautifully packaged, there are different holiday bundles to choose from, this particular one is called the Presence bundle so you can open it up and it comes with various thing that are really best selling like the rapid calming melts, there's the relief bam that you can rub onto sour muscles and cramps an that kind of thing, there's the daily CBD drops which is my personal favorite product of theirs and then the body oil like a body massage oil. 

Again, there's other bundles that you can choose from and you can even get this and keep a few things for yourself and Christmas gifts other products and if you just want to Christmas gifts this whole thing it's just already wrapped really nicely. So, I have a code with them it's SHEAWHITNEY if they happen to ever have sales you can always even use that code on top of the sale to save even more money. 

Best Gifts Under 50 Canada

But either way its also great for guys, like I just love this I feel like more people need to give it a try because it really helps with anxiety, depression, emotions like making you just feel less, feel balanced I don't know how to explain it, sleeping issues also pain and inflammation. Like its truly life changing. 

So, I feel like there are two types of people in this world Coffee people and Wine people. So, I have really unique Christmas gifts for people of either genre. Starting with the HyperChiller which is for coffee lovers out there that love iced coffee. I actually don't really love my coffee iced sometimes when it's summer. 

Best Gifts From Canada

But some people like that's the way they drink and it's really really hard to get there coffee chilled quickly, so you can actually use it over ice which then completely melt and get really diluted. So, this for $24. It's a best seller on Amazon. But you put this in the freezer, you brew fresh coffee, you pour your coffee into this for sixty second only like it's really quick and it chills it so fast and then you just pour it into a cup of ice and this is like, it like chills it so fast that the ice won't dilute and you can enjoy fresh iced cold coffee basically, instantly. 

Best Christmas Gifts 2020 Canada

And then for all of those wine lovers out there we all know many of them consider getting them this electric wine opener or automatic wine opener. I just feel like, like, first of all it has amazing reviews, its under 30 bucks its pretty like feels really nice, its substantial but its just so beautiful. It also comes in black with the rose gold so its very stylish but I just think the white specially gives it kind of like a nice feminine touch. 

It would look nice sitting out on a corner or maybe a bar or something like that. Its just so beautiful and again, the reviews are awesome. Next we have something for the beauty lovers out there and I do recommend this year after year but this is just a solid option, like you cannot go wrong with this for anybody that loves makeup or beauty and like to try new things. 

Best Gifts From Canada

This is the Sephora Favorite kit. It has the beauty must haves, the everyday best sellers, these are items that are consistently best sellers at Sephora so there's many brands, many of the items are full sized products and this is about $50. So, its packaging is nice and its just something you can get it, you are one in done. 

Its just awesome. Next we have the Olaplex holiday kit and this is also a wonderful Christmas gifts idea because so many people love Olaplex its so well known and this kit comes with four of theirs best sellers in full sizes. So, the first one that everyone would just be extra excited for, is the number three hair protector, it also comes with their shampoo and conditioner and also their bonding oil. 

They are very well known for this bonding oil as well. So, I love that this is a great price like you definitely saving money here and its all full size. Next we have this Heart pulls hair styler and I wanted to put this in the video because I think its just a great idea for women of all ages. 

Best Christmas Gifts 2021 Canada

I have recommended this before on my channel and many have commented that they have ordered one for themselves and they loved it so much they ended up getting one for their mom or their sister. So, anyways you start with your hair wet and it really dries it and styles it at the same time. So kind of saves your time as well and its not damaging but it really gives you a lot of volume and style and I just, I love it, it actually works. 

So there are a lot of others out there, I have personally purchased myself and I feel like it just doesn't work nearly as this and the price is great too. I'm really excited to share this blanket with you, you might be thinking it is an expensive Barefoot dreams blanket. 

Best Gifts On Amazon Canada

You are wrong. This is actually by the Styled collection and it comes in many different patterns and colors and they are all so beautiful and at a fraction of the price compared to the Barefoot dreams ones. So, I would link with everything, I will lin this below, I believe its on pre-order but it is shipped like really soon, So, I am telling you guys get this for yourself and get one as Christmas gifts because again, it comes very beautifully packaged, kind of like the Barefoot dreams blanket. 

It feels just as soft. I actually did a video were I was trying to trick my husband with like real versus fake and expensive versus more affordable options and Josh totally thought this was a Barefoot dreams blanket. So, consider this a much better price. So, when you are totally stumped I think this is another great option because its a live Snake plant. 

Best Gifts From Canada

I hate the word snake but the plant is really nice. Its a super easy plant its $17 guys, $17, its from Amazon believe it or not. So, when it arrives its super healthy its so colorful, its beautiful. Its such an easy plant by the way, you can't kill this. I love because it is from Amazon you could actually have it shipped to someone's house or you could actually just order yourself and maybe put this in a nice little Christmas gifts bag. 

It comes with a decorative waist or you know plant plantner here. Its just so beautiful and definitely a great idea for when you are just totally stumped. So, those are my seventeen different Christmas gifts ideas for the women in your life of all ages, all different price points. 

Best Gifts On Amazon Canada

Again, everything will be linked down below according to the number that you saw on screen. I hope you enjoyed this video. Give it a thumps up if you did, consider subscribing for more videos if you are new, but otherwise I will see you very soon in my next one. Bye.

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