i hate these books Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

 i hate these books Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

hello Friends? welcome back to another articles . i'm Rony and you're Reading... y'all !! thank you so much for Reading the unpopular opinions book tag. this book tag was brought to us by thebook archer, and i have to say that i'm a little disappointed in y'all book tube because almost every book tuber has done this tagthis is a huge tag it's easily- ironically- the most popular tag on bookt ube, next to the booktube newbie tag. but the book archer only has 6 000subscribers and i think that that's bullshit. she created this incredible tagit was absolutely genius and i think that she deserves more subscribers.and also her content still slaps. book archer, if you're Reading this i love you. you're amazing and i hope that your channel blows up soon because youdeserve it. 

now i have a lot of ranting to do in this video.if you've been Reading my channel for a while you know that i i do rant here...uh we we rant here! and so i'm surprised that i haven't filmed this tag yet but ifigured today's the day. today's the day. thefirst question is: a popular book that you didn't like. ohwhere oh where do i start?? mirror mirror on the wallwho hates them all. i actually have a series on my channel called books thatwasted my time and that series is where i pretty harshlydig into the books that i didn't like. i givereasons for why i didn't like these books that i do usually try to say somepositive things or recommend it for certain types of readers, soi will leave that series linked down below. a playlist of all those videos sothat you can watch my rant videos if you end up liking thisone. and a lot of these books that i'm going to be mentioning i have talkedabout at length in those videos. to answer this actualquestion i am going to be going with the goldfinch by donna tartt whichis going to be literally nobody's surprise. 

i wasreading this when i was at booknet fest last year and i....people kept coming up to me being like Rony are you okay?? becauseto any of the booktubers who would listen i was bitching about how much ihated this funking book. about how funking racist it is. about howfunking xenophobic it is anti-black and fatphobic and just i... hated this book! i hated this book and iwas so angry that it won a funking pulitzer prize. howdisgusting. it got a movie and this woman is literally rich because of it and thesecret histor--y her other book is also trash racist nonsense-- and if youwant to hear me explaining point by point why this bookwasted so much of my time, it took literal years off of my life andi'm already black which means my life expectancy isn't that long to begin with!!!!y'all we gotta move on we gotta move on. oh my gosh. i have lefta playlist of my books that wasted my time series below.moving on! fuck that book. question number two is a popular book or series thateveryone else seems to hate but you actually love. look doglisten to me like lean in. have you have you leaned in? because it wasn't a joke.it wasn't like a suggestion. literally lean into the screen, i want tomake sure that my message is not missed. this will literally never happen. 

okay iam such a neurotic person. i am easily rubbed the wrong way. don't even give mestart on my pet peeves we're not doing that because this video will literallynever freaking end. look the point is if something about abook multiple things about a book hasbothered multiple viewers chances are it bothered me toookay chances are it bothered it has bothered me from the get-go and i justhaven't said anything because i'm trying to see if other peopleare also as positive as buzzard --wow as bothered asi am before i say something because i try not to be too negative! i really do ireally do try. it just don't always work out that waybecause of the way my attitude is set up. question number three is a love trianglewhere the main character ended up with a person that you did not want them to endup with. or a one true pair that you just don'tlike. where do i begin with this one. i'mannoyed i even have to put energy to bring this down from my shelf.that is going to be children of blood and bone and children of virtue andvengeance by tomi adeyemi. here's a one true pair that i don't like:zelie and the prince. it don't make no sense! it doesn't makeany sense. it's literally homophobia that zelieand amari aren't together. 

i'm just kidding it'snot it's not actually homophobia don't take that seriously don't go liketweeting to tell me Tomi that i said she was homophobic because it was ajoke. it was a joke i promise! i don't thinkthat they have any chemistry. they are so boring they are likeReading paint dry and they just have all this teenage angstthat has nothing to do with each other's real character. i just i just don't care.i don't care, i don't care. and then we're going to talk about drew and alexa fromthe wedding date. oh my god. the wedding date was the veryfirst book that i read in 2019 it was i read it on june 1 orjanuary 1st and i was trying so hard to finish iton the 31st of december. is it really even that serious Rony? calm down. like first world ducking problems.i was rushing to finish it on the 31st of december so that it wouldn't be myfirst book of 2020 and i couldn't finish itbecause i hated it so much and i was franticallyskimming towards the end because i hated it that much and i neverever skim books and i still couldn't finish it by the firstbecause it sucked. look no no it's not that it sucked. it didn't suck that's incorrectto say - that's unfair. me searching for a more kind word....... it'snot that the book itself sucked, it's that there were so many issues withthe romance that never got addressed as beinguh deeply troubling aspects of an adult relationship that i just was deeplydisturbed and unsatisfied and also annoyed because i don't want my romancebooks to uphold all of these toxic things thatend up ruining romances. 

that don't make no sense dog. so i didn'tlike drew and alexa. i thought that drew was over was jealous and controlling andthat his jealousy was romanticized for that reasoni would never read another book by this author. because romanticizedfetishized jealousy fetishing fetishizing male anger is not a healthything it's not something that we need to be teaching to young girls.or promoting or any of that. i didn't like them i didn't like them. and alsodrew was... mad socially ignorant and yes alexa didcheck him when he said something that was ignorant once or twicebut i didn't get the impression that drew had really worked throughhis low-key racist ideas by the end of the novel. it just was a conversationa couple times and then the book kind of treated it like "yep that'suh that was the race conversation! good thing we'll never have to have thatagain." bro the world is literally on fire okay?word question number four is a popular book genre that yougenerally do not reach for and i'm definitely gonna gowith romance for this and it's for the reasons that i mentioned in questionnumber three. 

um i see a lot of problems with theseromances also a lot of times romance books don't put their couplesthrough enough tests for me to feel confident in those couples. yes theymight have to work through an ex popping up or some sort of kind ofessentially quite minor conflict. i want my relationships to really be tested.that's why i love couples so much more in thriller and horror stories.and in um science fiction and fantasy stories that fall a little bit more onthe dark horror side. those couples really go through trialsand tribulations and i find that romantic.i find it romantic to see that a couple is still togetherafter literally having gone through the ends of the earth to try and protectone another. i want to know that they can still be together after goingon a violent journey through wolf infested woodsin order to get out to the other side or to survive an avalanche or....you know what i mean? 

like i want to see my couples really be tested and that'swhy i don't dig romance. i'm still seeing a lot ofupholding of toxic traits in romance stories likei'm still seeing tropes of an unhealthily jealous man beingrewarded by the end of the novel, by still getting the girl and never havingto work through how he's low-key controlling and possessiveand how that can easily lead to abuse. i've also noticed thatin the romance genre sometimes female characters will do things that are justwildly not okay to their male partners and that never getsaddressed because it's assumed that womencan't perpetuate any kind of partner violence. oh i just get heated talkingabout it. as you can see i'm all my blood pressure is already boiling."are you mad bro tell me what you're mad for?"but i really loved the romance in love boat taipei and it also had a lovetriangle that was so incredibly well done. loveboat taipeiis absolutely a romance book that everybody should haveon their tbr as well as love from a to z. pan>

i just read that in theaudio book and i damn near had tears in my eyes by the end. ilove that both of the characters are multiracial,i love that their love gets truly tested, honestly like this is definitely thestronger romance of the two books and i still thought that the romance inlove boat taipei was really really well developed. question number five is apopular book character that you do not like. and the second that i readthis question i already knew.... i already knew who the first characterwas was gonna be and that was easily....Harry ducking potter,harry funking potter.  harry potter-- i remember when i first readharry potter-- i've only read the series oncethat was all i needed because i just couldn't stand harry potter and ihated harry potter as a character way before jk rowling got...twitter happy, okay ? way before she started tweeting things that she had nobusiness tweeting and then proudly defending those tweetswith her entire chest, okay i've always hated harry potter fromthe second that i first read him and i didn't read those booksuntil i was i think i was like 22. 

so i i put them off as long as i possiblycould because i was such a snob reader as a kid and i neverwanted to read harry potter as a kid because it was cool.yeah i was one of those people., and i'm i'm ashamed to admit it but i'mi-- why start saving face on this channel now? you all have seen me be somessy and so trash so like why start pretending that i'm put togethernow?? i hated harry potter because i hated how he treated his friends.loyalty is one of the biggest things to me. giving loyalty and showing loyaltyand i hated how he was always talking down to his friends, he rarely ever saidthank you, he rarely told them how appreciated that they were,and i know that one could make the argument that this is because harrypotter is suffering from ptsd and ptsd makes people highly cranky andirritable and can affect the ways-- um of course canaffect the ways in which you are able to develop healthynourishing bonds with other people. 

yes i do know that... and it still doesn'texcuse harry potter's treatment of his friends. and honestly the same people whostand up and defend how harry potter treated his friends and howtrash ass of a friend harry potter was how trash of a person harry potter wasare the same people who defend jk rowling's transphobic tweets. questionnumber six is a popular author that you cannot get into.and if i haven't pissed you off by now i think this is probably gonna be the one.the first author that comes to mind is adam silvera, i triedreading i'm not dying with you tonight no no i'm sorryi tried reading um they both die at the end which isthis queer male male romance about these two boyswho find out that they're both going to die that day and decide to spend the daytogether and they fall in love.... and they both die at the end, and thislast year all of booktube-- or was it the year before? i think itmight have been the year before-- but all of booktube was weeping over this book.everybody was reading it. everybody was saying how good it was.and i started the book and i got to chapter fiveand i was like..... does it get good on chapter six or likeseven? or.... when? when when when? when does it get good?

 itnever got good for me and in my, in its defense, i ended up dnfing it becausei realized that at one point i was gonna have to review this book that you allloved so deeply and that was so special to you and i wasjust gonna shred it to pieces. edward scissorhands. would have been adisaster. like the freddy krueger claw okay like no t-rex claw.... no raptorclaw! that's what i was thinking. dnf'ed that book because it was....it was painful! i really didn't like his writing. i thought he was trying reallyreally hard to sound cool. the dialogue of thecharacters felt like somebody who was older writingthe dialogue of a teenager. the writing itself i didn't enjoy.i didn't feel enveloped into the story at all.... i didn't care about either of thecharacters. it couldn't hold my attention and itprobably says more about me than it does about y'all orthan it does about the book itself. freudian slip-- it probably says moreabout me than it does about the book itself because soeverybody enjoyed this book except for me..... so it's definitelyan issue with me, i'm defect in some way. Kacen Callender would have been at thetop of this list but i fell absolutely in love with their latestwork felix ever after, which is about this trans boy who's both trans binaryand trans non-binary whose pre-transition photos are posted allover the school and then they go off trying to get revenge against thepeople who did this to him. it was an absolutely wonderful freakingbook from page one all the way to the end. 

i listened to the audiobook and onesitting. Kacen really put their foot in thatbook. they did an amazing job. the final author is going to be jamespatterson. james patterson's writing is drier thanmy vagina when jk rowling is tweeting on twitter. and i know that this isextra bad to say because james patterson has been on the booktube original seriesand i've been on the booktube original series so i....i know there's no way he's possibly Reading this, but if he is like i'm sorry james butyour writing just doesn't do it for me. it's just it's just not for me. questionnumber seven is a popular trope that you are tired ofseeing. examples are the lost princess thecorrupt ruler the love triangle etc. how much time do y'all got? the chosenone. the reluctant hero-- "i didn't ask for this"the hero who doesn't want to have to save the world butthey must and they're going to whine about it the entire time and let youknow how ungrateful they are that they've inherited all of these amazingpowers and that they have this amazing ability to change the worldand how much of a burden it is and it's going to be really freaking tedious anddespite the fact that all of the characters are literally trying to getthem to embrace their destiny and to get their headout of their butt and to just get their act together but no!instead of that they're just gonna whine about it and then weas the reader have to deal with that. world building that mirrorswestern europe. i do i i don't get it.... 

i i don't get it and iwill never get it and what i will never understand is whyso many fantasy books pull from western europe. specificallydown to even the uh representation of theuk monarchy. i am so extremely exhausted of theambiguously specific medieval euro setting.it's gotta stop. pale skin people are always living in the north and then darkskinned people are always living in the south and yes i understand that thereare anthropological reasons as to why thatis. there is a scientific explanation as to why that is.i get that. but we're talking about FANTASY. so why can't dark skin peoplelive in the north? why can't the dark-skinned people be theones who love snow? why do we have to adhere tothe rules of the modern day world so specifically inour fantasies? it it makes fantasies feel so unimaginativeand regurgitated and i absolutely hate it ....that's why i'mso extremely tired of this specifically ambiguous medieval euro setting. 

thenthere's a trope of the main character being 100 good andthe villain is a hundred percent evil. literally nobody is like that!!!! iliterally just saw a photo the other day of timum what what is his name? this people that all thewhite girls are obsessed with, this guy... ted bundy! i literally just sawa photo of ted bundy smiling and washing dishes with hisex-girlfriend as if NOTHING is wrong! i'm sick of the fake dating trope for themost part unless it's being written from a person of color's perspectivesand they're talking about having to fake date in order toplease their traditional parents or to fit into white society. i'm tired of fakedating. it's played out it's gotta stop. i also hate the trope in feminist fictionwhere every male in the society is problematic exceptfor the ONE male that the main character has just so HAPPENED to fall in lovewith. she just so happened to have a crush onthe one guy who doesn't support the patriarchy?the one good guy in the entire town? he has no work to go through, he has nointernalized beliefs about women's inferiorityto work through, he's just perfect perfect prince charming and every guyaround him is evil except for him-- i'm so tired of that.question number eight is a popular series that you have nointerest in reading. shatter me. 

literally everything down to the grocery list thatsarah j maas has ever written. the chronicles ofnarnia. seriously i tried to read this when i was 12 yearsold and the movie came out and i could not haveimagined a more boring book if i tried.... i genuinely think that the chronicles ofnarnia series is the reason why i got my first gray hair at age 14.his dark materials by philip pullman. and isn't philip pullman transphobic orhomophobic? the dark tower by stephen king-- yeah isaid it. stephen king's writing stopped beinggood a long time ago and some of y'all justcan't admit it. and lastly we have to all theboys i've loved before. does she end up with peter? i don't knowand i don't care. i don't care i don't care anything aboutthis book i'm good! i'll watch the movie someday but i'mnever gonna read the series. number nine, the final question is the saying goesbook is always better than the movie, but what movie or tv show adaptation doyou prefer more than the book? we're gonna startwith my favorite movie of all time, my favorite drama and my favorite teendrama and that's going to be the invisible. this is a movie that cameout in 2007. it was filmed in canada and it stars marguerite levievaand justin chatwin. 

marguerite who is this really justbadass --what's what's a good word for it- she's ...she's a little punk.okay? she's running a crime operation in the school.she beats people up. she does she barely goes to class like she's she's just um..she's going through a lot. she ends up accidentally murdering our protagonistand he wakes up the day after the murder and he climbs out of the sewer drain andhe walks to school and he finds that nobody else can seehim and he has literally only 48 hours formarguerite's character, annie to tell the police where his body is before he willpermanently die and he will cross over from thespiritual realm that he's inhabiting completely .....it's just one of themost amazing amazing films ever you have to watch it!literally nobody has ever seen this movie. i've never evermentioned this movie to someone and had themsay that they had seen it or they that they had even heard of it. i've likeforced it down the throats of so many of my friends and family.i watch it several times a year i watch it every time i'm really sad.and i don't it only ever makes me sadder so i don't know why i even bother, butthis book was originally written in german and i started reading ittranslated and perhaps it's because it was a translated work it just wasn'tspeaking to me at all. and i just i ended up dnfing it at thefirst chapter. i was like you know what? it's not better than the movie-- thatthat's most certainly clear. 

the next book that i have is going to bea little controversial and that is the little prince. le petit prince. to befair.... i didn't grow up reading this book the way thatthe way that many of you did. i read this bookfor the first time two years ago.  it doesn't have the childhood nostalgiathat it has for so many of you and i wish that it did becauseit's such an amazing magical book. but the movie the adaptation that netflixdid that stars rachel mcadams.... y'allevery time every time i watch that movie i cry. and what it does is it pullsdirectly from the animations from the book. it it's a literalinterpretation of those animations so uh it's it's a very literal translationof the book and it's so good! just the artistry and the scriptand i love that they expanded the story while still keeping true to the story ofle petit prince. so freaking phenomenal! then there's alsothe devil wears prada which was way better than the book in my opinion!finally this is probably going to uh not not not surprise literally any ofy'all but specifically nbc's hannibal the tvshow adaptation of the silence of the lambsbooks or the hannibal series. 

now i do not agree that the movies arebetter than the books. the movies are phenomenal.but i do agree that the tv show is better than both the movies and thebooks. brian fuller did an AMAZING job!!!!! it is anincredible, an incredible piece of fiction. heexpanded it in some delicious amazing ways. he made it queer.he did so many great things with it and the visuals just!!!!!it was amazing! the characters also expanded and madds mikkelsen's portrayalof hannibal. my gosh like julia sapphire and i havebonded so much over our love of hannibal. thoseof you have been following me for a little bit and know that iwe hosted a hannibalalong a couple months ago and that ended up failingbecause at the time of hannibal along it was the same time asgeorge floyd's murder and we dropped the watch along for the tv show becauseprotesting george floyd's murder was absolutely more important than hannibalalong, now i only have nine questions written down i don't know if there's atenth question if there is i'll write it in a comment and i willpin my answer i'm in the comment section down below. thank you so much forReading this video if you made it this far in the video comment down belowwith the word rant that's gonna do it for this video.

thank you so much for Reading another bow ties and books production.if you liked this video please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to mychannel. i would absolutely love it if you becamea part of my bookish family. all of my social media links are in thedescription box below. stay safe wear your funking mask and ican't wait to see you in my next articles    

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