How to invest in US stocks

How to invest in US stocks

how to invest in us stocks
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US stocks account for overs artical will take you through how to invest s kind of investment. The hat you’ll need to find a broker or trading platform with exposure to US stock markets.   Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from like eToro,   Freetrade and Stake, which exclusively trades US stocks.  

How to invest in US stocks

Each platform will give you different levels of access, as well as different trading options and features like being able to invest in US  exchange-traded funds, for example. Click the first link in the description below to start comparing the right app or broker for you.  

how to invest in us stocks

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Once you’ve settled on a trading platform or broker, open an account. Add funds to your account and start searching for the  US stock you want to buy. Typically,   when you go to buy any stock you have the option to set a market order or a limit order.

A market order is an order for immediate execution at the current market price. A limit order is when you set an order to buy the stock when it falls within the price limits you have specifically set.   The key thing to note when actually buying your US  stock is that US stock markets operate within US   trading hours.

So if you’re buying some stock from the UK, for example, and select a market order,   that transaction won’t be processed until the US market next opens;   which could result in significant price fluctuations of the stock you were after.  

How to invest in US stocks

how to invest in us stocks from uk

Aside from any commission or brokerage fees, the main cost to consider are any foreign exchange fees. Most apps will include a conversion fee for making any trades in US dollars and some will also charge FX fees for depositing and withdrawing money to or from your share trading platform from another currency into US dollars.

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Some apps will charge a fee if you don’t use their platform for long periods of time. So, if you don’t plan on trading US stocks very often,   it could also be worth keeping an eye out for potential inactivity fees.  

One of the main reasons to invest in a  market outside your native stock market is to diversify your portfolio, theoretically spreading any risk across multiple markets.   Over the last decade, the leading US stock indices have turned over much higher returns compared to the UK. So trading US  shares could potentially open you up to bigger gains on your investments.

And, as I mentioned at the start of this video, US markets have exposure to some of the biggest companies, like Apple and Amazon, and some of the biggest exchanges, like the New  York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq, in the world.   For more information about how to invest in US stock, click this link to check out our full guide on

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