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The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina Instagram
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The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina

Makeup By Mario Worth The Coint Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina |The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina Instagram

The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina Instagram

The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina Instagram

Hi lovelies! Mario Dedivanovic launched a brand new beauty line known as Makeup By Mario. these days i would like to search out out if this line is indeed well worth the the plug and price the coint! This Makeup by Mario review goes to demo all the product from his line on dark skin. Hope you all enjoy! 

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The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina Instagram

- 24 karat magic in the air (shouts) skin care shop.

So glossy and greasy (screaming loudly).

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel,

it's your girl Jackie Aina makeup by mario.

Your favorite YouTubers favorite YouTuber.

- You in the hood now, baby. make up

- Today I'm gonna be reviewing, demoing

and talking about the newest, latest and greatest

from Mario Dedivanovic, also known as

your favorite makeup artists, favorite makeup artist.

Mario Dedivanovic just launched

his own makeup line this year. concealer makeup

I feel like this is way, way long overdue.

Like, you wanna talk about pioneering,

Makeup by Mario creates legends, okay.

He set a standard skin care shop.

He walked so the rest of us could run, sprint.

(siren wailing loudly) aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina

I just admire Makeup by Mario so much,

and so to see him launching this brand,

I definitely feel the pride for him incredibly.

Before I jump into the demo though, I'm not gonna lie,

being completely candid and honest,

when I first saw the pictures and the swatches,

the first looks of when he first launched his makeup brand,

I was a little like hmm skin care shop.

- It's not even giving what y'all said

it's supposed to gave, no. make up

- I don't know what I was expecting

but I wasn't expecting that. concealer makeup

But he sent me a full kit, child.

But yeah, I aint got nowhere to go makeup by mario,

but that doesn't really matter, I'm gonna jump right in.

First things first though, if you got this far

why aren't you subscribed?

Why aren't you subscribed? aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

- I'm sick of it, I am (electric sparks loudly )

The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina Instagram
aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

Skin Care Shop

Makeup By Mario

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

Concealer Makeup

Make Up

Skin Care

You have to wait 10 econds.

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Cerave Moisturizing Cream


Eye Makeup

Makeup By Mario Worth The Coint Jackie Aina Price

- You think I got to 3 million

just by y'all sitting here and soaking up this knowledge

and not subscribing to your girl?

Join the Jackie Aina family, and make sure you click on

that bell notification. make up

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't skin care shop.

But realistically when it does work,

you're supposed to be notified when I post new uploads.

So anyway, we got that out the way, concealer makeup

let's jump right into Makeup by Mario.

Now, as much as I live for being right honey,

I also love a coming to Jesus, prove me wrong moment too.

I was kind of skeptical, like why did he start with pallets?

Everybody's doing pallets now.

But when I watched some of the press you guy's,

Mario did explain that he wanted to start his brand

basically like in the order of how he prioritizes

actually doing a full face makeup by mario.

So, he typically does eyes first.

Now, one of the things that he did say

is he starts usually shaping, contouring,

sculpting the eye with cream products,

foundation or concealer first, before adding eye shadow.

Click Now

This is where the master eye prep and set kit comes in.

aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

Makeup By Mario Worth The Coint Jackie Aina Review

So, Mario launched four of these eye primer kits.

It comes with two different primer shades.

When I look at the three kits that he launched with,

I see a light and I see a medium skin care shop,

and then I see a deep, well this is what

they labeled as deep but really this is more like dark,

even borderline tan. concealer makeup

When you go straight to the darkest category

and call it deep, you're neglecting

a whole range of people that are in make up

Viola Davis' complexion, Nyma Tang's complexion

like we need to like rethink what we consider deep,

'cause this is looking not deep at all.

This is looking more like dark or tan.

So, this is the kit that I'm gonna start off with.

I am gonna start with eyes makeup by mario,

because that's what Mario does.

And Mario did give us a brush set in this launch too.

Using the dual sided EF 1 brush.

I'm going to take the slightly lighter shade,

they're both pretty close in complexion,

let's see how they look on.

By the way, these are cream products.

I don't know what you thought they were,

but they are definitely a creamier texture.

That's really light but you know what?

Mario Dedivanovic

Makeup By Mario

Makeup By Mario Review

Makeup By Mario Demo

The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina Instagram

When you want your eyeshadows to really pop and stand out,

it makes sense to use something lighter.

This will work, I just really would have loved

to have seen it one more darker kit.

So, this kind of has like a balmy texture.

Like, it doesn't feel the same consistency

as a complexion product. concealer makeup

It almost feels like a primer with tint in it.

I'm gonna mix, I'm gonna take the slightly darker shade

and put that right on top, make up

so it looks a little bit closer to my skin tone.

So, this is supposed to provide setting skin care shop

You have to wait 10 econds.

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for your shadows, so that you can get a stronger eye look

and if you are a matte shadow lover,

matte is huge right now, we're doing a lot of soft glam,

we're doing a lot of 90s makeup inspo,

which usually includes matte shadows.

I feel like shimmers have kinda taken a backseat lately,

is it just me? aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

Nobody cares about shimmers anymore.

But anyway, if you like that look,

and if you are doing an all matte look makeup by mario,

you would definitely, definitely wanna take advantage

of the translucent powder because this is how

you get really smooth, seamless matte applications.

aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina

If you set your eye base with a powder,

I promise you once you go on to apply anything matte

on top of that, it is going to blend so flawlessly.

So, Mario did say the reasoning behind

why he typically likes to do eyes first,

once the eyes are completed, skin care

and you kinda take a step back you're like

wait, the eyes are so banging,

I don't really need to add much complexion skin care shop.

So it's like I get it, but I'ma still packing on though,

full face glam, thank you. concealer makeup

Trying to get these pallets out, they are quite the tizzy.

No, this is really hard, because one thing

I'm not about to do is break a nail.

Master Mattes, this is your all matte arsenal, right here.

He was inspired by colors of the flesh.

Nude skin tone colors makeup by mario,

and obviously skin and nude

isn't just beige. aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

So, shout out to Mario for picking up on that.

This one retails for 48 (mumbles),

ooh that's expensive, I was not expecting that.

But you know what, it's cool.

'Cause you get one, two, three, four, five, six,

seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12.

12 shadows, including a premium matte black.

Makeup By Mario Reviews

Makeup By Mario Masterclass

Makeup By Mario Uk

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Makeup By Mario Worth The Coint Jackie Aina Review

I'm peeping, I'm peeping and I'm looking respectfully.

I may need to dust her off real quick and use this.

Then there is the Master Metallics,

also retails for $48,

and also same number of shadows.

He said that he looked at the insides of a human body

from a microscope, and you see the colors

of atoms and neurons, and Johnny Bravo's,

and he was just basically saying like makeup by mario,

I was inspired like, with the insides.

So I was like, okay, I feel you,

I really don't but like I get you. make up

I feel like you, that's what's up.

You know what though, I really like

how he went there with color with this one.

This is supposed to be a cream and powder hybrid formula.

Let's see if, ooh!

Ooh, wow! aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

Wow, skin care shop

wow, wow.

Some duochrome, okay, I see some duochromes.

I've seen some shiftiness in some of the shades,

I see the depth.

Then we have the

You have to wait 10 econds.

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Makeup By Mario Worth The Coint Jackie Aina Price

Master Metal, this is actually a more condensed palette.

You have five shades, this is also $48.

Now this one, I don't understand because you getting

significantly less product here,

but it's the same price as these two, what gives?

What gives man? aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

Let's reel it in Mario, what's going on here?

The formula in the metallic's palette,

versus the Master Metals palette,

are supposed to be very, very different.

This supposed to be a more high shine, liquid foil formula

that you can also use wet or dry. concealer makeup

This one, like I said, it's kind of like a cream hybrid.

This one definitely does feel slightly different makeup by mario,

not as creamy and wet to touch as the metals.

You guessed it, I'm gonna start with the matte's

because I really like where he's going skin care

with this whole skin tone, color story and vibe.

I'm gonna start with the E 3 brush.

I wish we had something more fluffy and dense, like this.

I just love these kinda brushes.

The difference between this and this.

If I need backup or reinforcements, I'ma go with this one.

I'm living skin care shop

for this entire

middle row.

Makeup By Mario Reviews

Makeup By Mario Masterclass

Makeup By Mario Uk

Jackie Aina Makeup

Jackie Aina Youtube

Jackie Aina Makeup Tutorial

Makeup By Mario Palette

Mario Dedivanovic

The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina Instagram

There's so much depth in these colors.

So, I'm gonna start with this one here,

and I'm going to just start gliding,

yeah, I don't like this brush.

I'm gonna start gliding this shade

into my crease makeup by mario.

I'm gonna work my way into something darker.

I know you can't see her yet.

I know she has not arrived to the party, just yet.

There was traffic, she left her mask at home.

We're gonna build up, 'cause this is, I feel like

how you get a really nice, kind of matte, smoky look.

Normally what I would do, is just go right into my regular

skin tone shade, but lately I've been kind of like

building my way up, and I really like

the way that that looks.

This color that I'm putting on my eye

has a bit of olive in it skin care shop.

I'm sure this is probably a color

that he probably uses a lot of, skin care

because this is a really specific, and unique

shade of caramel brown.

It's definitely got some green in it.

Then I'm gonna hop on over to the other side of the palette

and use this mid tone, caramel brown shade,

and do the exact same application.

The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina

Now, because I want slightly more pinpointed application,

I am gonna switch back to the E 3 one that I threw

out the way earlier, aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

and I'm just gonna hit that outer V,

so I can really get tight in that crease area.

Really actually kinda surprising

how there really aren't that many pallets

like this on the market, with this exact color scheme.

Like, they have colors like this in them,

but this exact color scheme is kinda hard to come by.

Or you know what it is?

With nude pallets, they just are too light baby,

they just way too light. aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

It's just got too many taupe's, tans, ashy shades.

Which are great but like, in moderation.

For my complexion, I rarely come across a pallet

with this many depth and shades and honestly, so far,

so far, so far I'm impressed.

I can't believe I haven't done my brows yet, who am I?

Who the hell am I?

I'm building up the outer V of my eye with this,

sorry, that was way too fast makeup by mario,

with this really deep brown shade at the bottom,

and this E 3, yeah this is the E 3, because it's tapered.

Actually kind of really the perfect brush

because, I'm going for this kind of smoky,


heavy smoky liner look, which is one of my favorites.

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Makeup By Mario Worth The Coint Jackie Aina Price

The eye look we're gonna be doing today is very glamorous,

because anytime I think of Mario's style,

it's like the epitome of ultimate glam

and I just really feel like he really revolutionized

how we apply makeup, how we do makeup.

Like the look, the feel and honestly, skin care

a lot of my style inspo comes from him.

Sam Fine and come on, Kevin Laquans too,

but like Makeup by Mario, I think when he came on the scene,

it was just like makeup by mario

wow, I wanna do my makeup like that.

And no, he didn't invent nothing, but he didn't have to.

Okay, now we also need to do the same thing, but with black.

So I just build, and build, and build, concealer makeup

and you wanna shape it as if you apply it,

(mumbles) like exactly how it looks,

so it looks like a triangle.

Mario, launched two dual sided eyeliners

with this collection. aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

They are dual sided because one side

is a fuzzy kind of like,

flat spatula looking tip,

and then the other side is the actual eyepencil.

Which is great because I am queen of no harsh lines,

blended edges, I love, love, live for smudgy liner looks.

This is perfect, I don't necessarily have to have

another brush on hand.

I can just apply my liner and then (mumbles),

flip right over, and just smudge, smudge, smudge.

And he launched my two favorite colors for liner,

black and brown, like it don't get no more basic than that.

Black, I like using during the day

when I don't want as intensive an eye look.

It matches my complexion, concealer makeup

it looks really sophisticated and classy.

And then black when I really want to amp it up.

But, because this look is definitely

a little bit more glamorous, I'm gonna take a little bit

of that black, which is wow, really black.

It almost kind of feels like one of those gel pen liners,

for your eyes, of course.

But, it has kind of like this creamy, liquid feel.

It's very black and it's gliding on

really, really, really easily.

The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina Instagram

I'm actually gonna dip the little pointed tip in the shadow.

I probably shouldn't do that,

because then in the future, I'm not gonna know

that I dipped shadow in it, but I'll clean it off later.

And I'm just gonna use this to smoke and smudge

out that liner makeup by mario.

And because this liner is a little bit on the thick side,

now I understand why it feels kind of like a spatula,

because you want something that can kinda

tug at it a little bit, to make it actually smudge.

Now, that didn't work that great

so I'm gonna switch over to my E 5, skin care

which is a really, really, really perfect size brush.

Which is like the perfect size brush

to really get in small spaces in the eyes,

and just kind of, top shadow on top of it,

with the black, of course. aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

Now, what I wanna do, is I wanna add some shimmer.

Swapping over to this palette,

I think I wanna use this bronze shade here.

I'm gonna take the flat E 4 brush,

and I'm just going to

dip in. makeup by mario

I'm carving out the shape of my eye,

so that we get the illusion of a cut crease,

'cause you know I love faking a cut crease, child.

Like, I love going there, without actually going there.

I definitely want the bronze to stand out a little bit more

so the gold eye pencil right underneath it,

it's actually more of like a orange gold.

I'm gonna take that and pop it right on top

to kind of enhance, and make that bronze shade

a little bit more standoutish.

Hell yeah, that did it.

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The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina

I like the shimmers, but I feel like we can just

step it up just a little, a hair.

So, I'm gonna take a drop of Mario's mixing medium,

and I'm going to plop a drop of that

right on to the empty side of the palette.

That's what this palette was for according to him,

so you can mix your shadows,

and use this as a little makeshift palette.

Now, when you add a bit of the shadow

with that mixing medium, you get more of, like I said,

a foiled, high shine look.

You saw what I just did?

Mm hmm, I know you caught that.

There we go. concealer makeup


doing makeup by mario

what I needed it to do, thank you.

I'm gonna take his liquid liner real quick,

and just get really close to the inner corners of my eyes.

Why do I look like a feline right now?

This is turning out way more dramatic

than I initially saw it play out on my head,

but it's fine, queen of improvising.

Makeup By Mario Worth The Coint Jackie Aina Review

I'm gonna take a little bit of this yellow gold right here,

and apply it right in the center.

Right in between where the black liner is,

and where the gold, bronzy shadow is.

I'm gonna add some black liner to my waterline.

Oh, I'm here for this liner though.

No, no, no, this liner is,

this liner is doing bits.

I did wanna point out though,

because look, Uncle Mario has clearly given the girls

looks for red carpet. aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

I deeply appreciate the fact that

he gave us a beige toned liner.

You guys know this is one of my staples,

especially for like everyday looks,

and it's just,

it's just, it's perfect.

Makeup By Mario

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

Pat Mcgrath Makeup

Concealer Makeup

Organic Skin Care Products

Laser Skin Care Center

Makeup By Mario Worth The Coint Jackie Aina Price

Here's how it looks compared to Infinite Sand.

Infinite Sand is a little bit darker,

but, I could probably, maybe it's a hair to light.

But you know what, it's better than white.

I pretty much have tried all of the eye products.

The rest are his crystal highlighters,

and he has like some face glow product.

I'm gonna finish the rest of my base,

and come back so I can try those.

(eerie music)

(upbeat music)

It's like bothering me that this is so cool tone

and the gold up here aren't matching,

so I'm gonna grab my Bearded Beauty gloss

in the, aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

actually this isn't it,

oh gold digger, just kidding (mumbles), gold digger.

Just wanted to add a little sparkle and shine,

a little yellow to our lips.

The Master Crystal Reflectors.

The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina Instagram

Initially, I thought Mario was only marketing these

for the eyes, because when you look

at the Sephora website and he does a demo,

they only use it on the eyes,

but these are supposed to be kind of like

face, eyes, cheeks, titties, butt, whatever you want.

No, I'm kidding. aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

Maybe not your butt, I mean if you do that,

it's not really my business, anyway.

There's three colors, I have the shade bronzite

and, it really is kind of like this dry,

(exhales quietly)

I love these. makeup by mario

Then I have the color citrine,

which I'm gonna guess is yellow.

(laughing quietly) Duh.

This is really pretty.

Make Up

Skin Care


Cerave Moisturizing Cream


Bridal Makeup

The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina

This is definitely the perfect match for today's look.

I wanted to go bronze, I wanted to go gold yellow.

24 karat magic in the air (shouts).

So, this is what she's giving

and I don't even know if I wanna wear highlighter,

I haven't decided yet.

I'll let you know by the end of the third swatch.

This is quartz. aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

Quartz is snow white.

I wonder, does she have any blue reflects?

No, just straight silver,

straight silver, yeah.

This is really hard to pull off on dark skin.

Dark, deep and rich skin,

so I'd probably pass on that. makeup by mario

I could probably use bronzite and citrine,

between the two of those.

I was most excited about these, because I feel like you can

kind of throw these on with no makeup.

Makeup By Mario Worth The Coint Jackie Aina Review

You can throw these on underneath makeup.

And then, the last product that I have which intrigued me,

it also concerned me all at the same time,

this is a Master Sheer Glow.

It is a highlighter,

but as you can see she's completely colorless.

So when you first look at her you're like,

oh, she's a gloss, not quite, not quite.

I almost kinda wanna say it has a somewhat

of a, it's very thick. aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

So, this texture is giving Vaseline

on a cold winter morning.

Like, unmelted, solidified.

Makeup By Mario Worth The Coint Jackie Aina Price

This retails for $22, and I just feel like

it's borderline trying it.

Like, $22 for something clear,

like you can always use a NYX gloss,

you can use a rollerball gloss.

I would imagine though, this probably has

face safe ingredients.

For example, when you use a lip gloss

and you use it on your face,

they could be comedogenic.

They can make you break out, and so on and so forth.

Live Tinted, just came out with an equivalent of this.

I don't know the price, makeup by mario

but if you don't wanna pay $22 for this,

there's other options out there, just saying.

But I do like the idea of this.

I'm not gonna put it on my face now

because this is a very thick,

actually I am, was just kidding.


Well, warming it up first was definitely smart.

That went on better than I thought it would,

all right.

Eye Makeup

Makeup Box

Moisturizer For Oily Skin

Huda Beauty Foundation

Best Moisturizer For Oily Skin

Huda Beauty Lipstick

Ponds White Beauty

Youcam Makeup

Makeup By Mario Worth The Coint Jackie Aina Lyrics

Now you know, I would hope that this product

dries down to something because

if you have long hair, nothing will be more annoying

than it getting on your face, and getting stuck,

and you have to like peel it off the face.

You know, the same way you do

when you're wearing a lip gloss?

Yeah, that would be really annoying.

It's doing what it needs to do.

Oh, but by the way though,

I am wearing Huda's new stick foundation,

which is bomb by the way. aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

If this video comes out before her review,

just know it's coming, just saying.

I'm not mad at it, and you know what?

I like the fact that it's colorless.

Like, I see where they were going with this.

Very obvious that they wanted something

that didn't look like highlighter.

Mario was definitely making comments

about how he didn't really like powder highlighters

because they highlight texture and they look obvious,

and they just kinda sit on the skin.

Whereas creams and liquids, makeup by mario

which is something that I live for in a base honey,

chef's (kisses quietly) mother, kiss!

But that's pretty much all that I have from Mario's kit.

We tried the brushes, we went there with the eyes.

The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina Instagram

We tried the primer.

I think we checked every box.

Oh my God, see it's doing it,

my hair is definitely getting stuck

because it's so glossy and greasy.

(screams loudly) It is pretty though.

Girl okay, so Makeup by Mario's makeup line,

should you care, should you pass?

Should you do more research?

I feel like it is a collection and a brand

that I would recommend.

First things first, Master Matte's eyeshadow palettes,

no complaints except for the price,

not necessarily matching the quality.

I love the color scheme. aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

It was definitely thoughtful and intentional

of many different complexions.

Whether or not that was my complexion,

God knows, I'll never know. makeup by mario

But I really, really, really, really liked

the thought process and the color layout of this palette.

I think it was like perfect,

like I could definitely see myself using this every day.

I don't necessarily know if the quality matches

The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina

that of like a $48 eyeshadow palette, though,

and that's just me being brutally honest.

Like, this just wasn't applying, blending,

you know going on the way that a $48 palette would

and like in today's, climate of today's society,

I mean in a sea of all of the shadow palettes

that we have now, I don't know

if this is a standout enough product for me to be like,

oh my God, must have.

It is for the color selection,

not necessarily for the quality though.

It's definitely something that I'll reuse,

and I liked it, I really actually did like it.

Now, the shimmers, I think the shimmers were really good.

But also, shimmers are kind of easy.

Like mattes, are definitely something

that I'm gonna grade harsher, because it's mattes.

Like, they're harder to blend,

they're harder to formulate. aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

And you have to make sure they're perfect.

But again, I just don't think you need to pay

$48 for some shimmers.

So, sew me! makeup by mario

Especially not this.

To hell with this 'cause you cheated us.

I'm just playing, I've just playing,

don't be mad at me (laughs).

No, but honestly I just feel like

there's so many great alternatives.

The World Best Makeup Artist Jackie Aina Instagram

Foils and shimmers are the easiest to finesse,

so I don't think you need to pay $48.

However, once again, the color selection in this palette

was so intentional, so well thought out,

and for that, I definitely would reuse again, and recommend.

If you have the money to burn basically, go get it.

If you don't, then please stop, relax, you'll be just fine.

Yes, pumpkin.

(murmurs) aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

Whats wrong babes?

Do you like my makeup?

- [Dennis] Yeah, it looks very nice.

- I'm trying Makeup by Mario's new makeup line.

- [Dennis] It looks good on you.

- Thanks, darling. - Have a good morning,

goodbye. - Okay. makeup by mario

Alright, so what was the standout part of this collection,

and should you ultimately care?

I think if you are a Mario supporter,

if you love and trust his artistry,

and if you have the money to burn,

absolutely I would recommend.

Makeup By Mario Worth The Coint Jackie Aina Price

Do I think it's life changing?

I don't know if it's life changing.

But because I did research going into this,

I now have a way better understanding

of why he started with shadow palettes,

and why he started with the products that he did.

Because I'm not gonna lie initially,

I saw the visuals, and I saw the photos,

and I was not impressed.

And I'm just gonna be very honest.

I was not impressed, I was just like

ah, it's Mario though like. makeup by mario

Mario, really could've gone there.

I think that it was really trying to give the look

and the feel of an artistry driven brand,

like a Pat McGrath, or like a Viseart,

or a Makeup Forever, but slightly cheaper.

Not Dose of Colors cheap. (whistle blows loudly)

Definitely not Color Pop cheap,

but like cheaper, slightly more accessible.

So, that's kinda the vibe that I get.

It's definitely artistry driven,

doesn't really seem like this is a brand

that he's completely marketing towards consumers.

I feel like he's kind of meeting in the middle.

Giving like a professional brand,

at a slightly more affordable, accessible price.

And I know accessible and affordable are relative.

I know there's way cheaper brands I'm just saying

they're cheaper compared to what else is out there.

Oh my God, I forgot to say one thing.

So you know we had light, medium, dark in our eye primers.

Yeah, for the rest of your launches Mario, don't do that.

You need to do light, medium, dark and deep, okay?

That's all I got, I've rambled enough.

Makeup By Mario Worth The Coint Jackie Aina Review

I'm really tired and I'm hungry.

It took me five hours to film this video.

So, if you liked it or had any thoughts in the comments,

please let me know down below.

Just say hi, you know, just pop in and say hi.

I'm really excited to see makeup by mario

what his future launches look like, though.

I would love to see what a blush palette

from him looks like. aveeno eczema therapy moisturizing cream

That's all I got, y'all.

I'm done, I'm thirsty, and I'm tired.

Here y'all, watch another video.

Don't you like my jeans?

They cute, they're from House of CB.

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