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The way you don’t get in Class 12 before Class 10, you shouldn't watch Chapter 2 before Chapter 1. Those who haven't watched Chapter 1, please go and watch it. And those who have, let me revise it for you, kids.

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I had put the Bitcoin in a digital wallet and mailed you the address link and the password. What mail id were we using in 2012? OTP sent to your mobile number! Hey! Whose number did you type in? I've brought a gift for everyone. - What? New SIM cards! - 100. 200. 300. 400!

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ashish chanchlani otp the lottery chapter 2 cast

Who are you? Nalle! Tote! - Ghajini!

Where is that number? - I don't have it.

We will save you. We will remove all your pictures and help you. You got the OTP and now you are leaving alone! I didn't get it. - Does Ravi stay here? Give me your phone. It has my birth certificate... the mail so I want to download it. I checked all the four numbers. I didn't get the message!

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500600. Do you remember what had happened in that house? - 'Okay!' 'I won't come back!' ***! We are done for, Tote. There's no sugar in the coffee. There's no sugar in the coffee. There'll be no milk in tea tomorrow. Ghajini remembers nothing.

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We can't find the OTP. There is only one option left. Move aside! Tote, what are you doing? Suicide is not an option. I'm not committing suicide. There's a grill on the window, fool. I'm calling my friend, Pakya, who lives there. Pakya! - Who is Pakya?

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He is a hacker. We will ask him to hack our ID. We will find the password and get the OTP. - Come here! Will you ask that thief to hack? If he can hack our ID, can't he hack out Bitcoin? He won't. - Why not? I will give him his mother's oath... - I beg you, Tote.

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I don't want you to cause any more problems in my life! What did I do? - What did you do? Shall I tell you? You bought four similar numbers! 100. 200. 300. 400. Then, I come to know that there are two more numbers! 500. 600. Why did you have

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Why did you have to buy two more numbers? I already told you why. 'Okay, guys. See you later. Bye. - Bye. - Bye.' 'I'm leaving. - Wait. - What is it?' 'I've bought six numbers and not four. - What!' 'Yes. 500. 600.' 'Why? - We'll give them to our girlfriends.' 'Yes!' No. Forget it, Tote.

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Brother, tell me what happened between you and Ritu. Don't even take her name! - Sorry. Brother, tell me what happened between you and Ritu. Tote, Ritu... Why did you say her name? He is cheating! Don't you want to hear the story? - I do. - Then be quiet. I loved Ritu a lot. - Everyone did. What!

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Everyone loves their girlfriend. Go ahead. Seven years ago, our relationship was going to complete two years in six months. Our first anniversary was at 3:34 pm. - Hey, time machine! I agree you are talking about your ex, but why are you inserting numbers?

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Should I write an equation to solve it? Talk in Hindi. I don't know, man. - Hey... Leaving Ritu was my biggest sin. Sine, cosine, theta... Mr. Mathematician, are you telling me RD Sharma's story or yours? I will tell you as I remember it! Do you know how stressful it is to think about the past?

ashish chanchlani otp 2 cast

You have no idea how much I loved Ritu!

I used to go to her house and have late-night dinners.

Her entire family used to love me!

Except one person.

Ritu! - Tote, how could it be Ritu when she loves me?

I'm talking about her sister, Varsha. - She had a sister too!

Why didn't you introduce me to her? - Have you lost it?

Her sister would have left you naked!

Amazing! - I'm saying it as an expression!

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That will do.-She'd have made you go crazy!

In love? No, going naked is fine, but I don't want to go crazy.

I wish I could throw you out of the window.

Yes, there's a grill here.

Varsha would cause misunderstandings between me and Ritu.

Over very silly issues like pregnancy.

Silly issue, pregnancy!

Did you get Ritu pregnant? - No!

Did you get Varsha pregnant? - No!

Then, her father? - Hey! - That is why he has such a big tummy... - No!

Their dog was pregnant and Varsha told her family

that I was responsible for her pregnancy.

You were responsible!

But how were you responsible?

I mean my dog had got her pregnant.

Her father? - The dog!

But you have a female dog, Lara. - I had a dog before her,

don't you want to hear the story? I'm leaving! - No, wait!

Varsha was jealous of me because she thought

Ritu didn't give her as much attention.

But she didn't know that Ritu would always side with her during our rift.

This caused a lot of fights between us.

One day, she crossed all limits!


'Don't ever show me your face again.'

'It's over! Get the hell out of my house.'

'Fine! I won't come back!'

'I'd rather die than come back here!'

I tried to patch up with her. I called her.

Her cousin brother answered the phone.

He abused me a lot. That's it.

After that, I decided to never see Ritu's face.

But she must wear a mask these days.

Wait. I remember something.

Whose recovery email ID was it? -Mine.

The OTP will go

on the number of whose ex-girlfriend?


That number is with your girlfriend Simran!

We will get the OTP and make Rs. 30 million, Tote!

No, bro. - Why not?

Don't do that. - Why?

We can't go there. - Why not?

We'll be in trouble. - What kind of trouble?

Come. Come on, now. - It will be trouble. No! - Tote, come here.

Run! Keep running!

Go and jump out of the window.

Where will you go in my house?

Let's go to Simran. - No.

Why? - My story is very dangerous

unlike yours. - I see.

Tell me your story. I want to know how dangerous it is.

What happened between you and Simran?

Okay, listen.

It was a dark night.

The dogs were shining.

The stars were barking. - Hey! Don't talk nonsense!

Let me finish.

I drank until 2 AM that night.

I went to bed at 4 AM and my phone rang at 6 PM.

Why was your phone thundering?

It was on vibrate mode and it fell into a glass.

Tote, just tell me why you and Simran broke up!

It was Simran's call.

She called me at 6 AM.

She said she needed to talk.

I asked her what had happened.

She said

she needed...

She needed... - What? A break?


She wanted a recharge in the morning.

Her future husband hadn't discharged yet

and she wanted a recharge!


Then what?

Look here! It's a suspenseful story! What happened then?

Then think.

What else? We broke up after that.

You broke up over such a petty issue!

A petty issue! Do you know what I

went through after we broke up?

I got depressed. It took me about one and a half

to two hours

to get out of depression.

Hema came to my neighborhood at 8 AM after that.

Oh! - You!

I will twist your arm!

You won't go to Simran over such a petty issue! - Petty issue!

You haven't had a break-up. You won't get it.

Okay. I'll go to Simran alone.

Yes. Please. - I'll take the OTP from her and enjoy

my Rs 29 million. - Hey! Why Rs. 29 million?

Rs. 27 million, right? - I'll give you only Rs. 1 million.

You are not coming with me to help get the SIM card.

I'll give you Rs. 1 million. - No!

This is wrong. You want me to not care about

my self-respect for some money and go to my ex!

Yes. - Let's go.


Now you are talking!

We will call Simran first.

Okay? - No!

You won't call her. I will.

You might deduct Rs. 1 million from my share.

She is still single. - How do you know that?

Her phone is not reachable. - So?

Her phone must not have been recharged.

It is not reachable, not non-rechargeable!

What do we do now? - I have another number of hers.

I won't call her. - What happened now?

Self-respect. Ego.

She has also blocked me.

Don't deduct my share. I'll go with you.

Her phone is ringing.

Hello, Simran. This is Nalla...

I am Navin speaking.

I am Tarun's best friend. Yes. Tota.

Yes, that ***.

Simran, I really need to meet you right now.

Simran, it's very urgent. Can you please meet me?

It's a matter of life and death. Thank you, Simran! Thank you so much!

Let's meet at Hotel Pavitra. Yeah.

Bye. Take care.

Come on. Let's go! - Where is my pepper spray? - Come on.

Nalle, I've talked to the 'hawala' guy.

He will take the change and give us cash.

Which loose change? - The Bitcoins.

That's not how it works.

Tanmay has sent the Bitcoins in a digital wallet and not envelopes.

So I will transfer the Bitcoins to our CoinDCX Go account.

Oh! - CoinDCX Go

is the safest and best place to store Bitcoins.

Because all their funds are insured by Bid-go.

Their server will instantly sell our 10 bitcoins

and give us Rs. 30 million cash. They won't even take commission

like your 'hawala' dealers too. - Yes.

They are giving bitcoin worth Rs. 100 free on the coupon code.

Considering that, I will get Rs. 2,000,100.

Don’t shout. - Rs. 100.

Let's go. Simran will be here soon. Let's go! - Geez man!

Tell me, what should I order?

Two PP kits. - PP kit?

Why should I order PP kit?

Because Delta Virus is coming.

Why do you have a problem with her? - She is a problem herself.

Haven't you ever spoken to her? - No.

That's why. Let her come and you will know.

What do we care? We just need the OTP.

Then let's take it and leave.

It's not a handkerchief that we just take it and leave.

We need to coax her for the OTP. - Geez!

I mean to say, we need to sort things out with her.

We don't need to do much for that.

Just say I am sorry. - You have gone crazy.

Apologizing won't make you any less of a man. Instead,

you will become an owner of 3 million. Imagine that!

Repeat after me. I am sorry!

I... - I...

I... - I...

I... She is here.

Simran! Simran, over here!

Here! - You are shouting as if hundreds of people sitting here.

My PP kit! - You!

Mind your tongue! - Sorry, uncle!

You! - Uncle would be your father.

Hey, you! - Guys, please calm down!

You guys are fighting for no reason.

Quit staring at her. Quit staring at her.

Who is that? - Simran.

Please have a seat.

Have a seat, Simran. Just let it go.

Don't star at each other so much.

Sit down. You tell me, what would you like to have?


Just ignore. Jokes apart.

Tote would like to say three words to you.

Tote, tell her.

Is recharge done? - Not those three words. The other three words.

Get lost, witch! - Tote!

I am sorry. - Look, he apologized. - My foot! ***

Guys! Guys! He said sorry to me.

I will say sorry to you. A equal to B, B equal to C.

L.H.S is equal to R.H.S. Therefore, hence proved. It's done.

Simran, let's do one work. Let's bury the hatchet.

I want no connection with that contact.

The network in my life has disappeared

since he came in my range.

Because of the incoming of Tote, the happiness is outgoing from my life.

Why is she talking like that?

That's how she talks. - I see.

All the best. - I thought,

he is on a temporary no service.

But he was on airplane mode by choice.

Is she Simran or a SIM card.

By sim, I remembered, I used to think

that he is a single sim personality.

But he turned out to be a dual sim.

Hold on! Hold the line, please!

Kindly wait. Tote.

Is she like that since childhood? - Yes.

Why? - Her mother used to sell cordless phones.

Her father used to sell new land-line connections.

One time her father's new connection entered a cordless.

And she was born.

Your remembered my mom and dad's love story! - Yes.

By heart. - But what's the use?

His tower would never stand.

He would tell me, there's no network.

But he would give hotspot to other girls.

Fool, can you talk properly? - Mute!

Tote, how do you used to tolerate her?

Now you know how she vibrated my life.

I am sorry! - What?

No. Repeat after me.

I... - O, hello! What's that cross connection going on?

Simran, listen. Let's just end the call.

I need your help. I genuinely need your help.

I can't have a conference call with both of you anymore. I'm leaving.

Wait. Simran, that is wrong.

Why am I being punished for a misunderstand between both of you?

Excuse me! - Speak to her in her language.


Why is the overdue amount

of your and his postpaid connection

being deducted from my balance?

Oh! I understand.

I am also learning her language.

Woo her. - Are you crazy? I can't have this ringtone for a lifetime.

O, hello! Your voice is cracking. Get in the network.

Simran, let's forget about the cross connection. Okay?

I need your help.

Do you remember, Tote had gifted you a number?

Its ending was 500. Do you remember that?

5-0-0? - That VIP number.

Double zero. Free calling. I used to put balance in it.

Oh! That number!


That got stolen. - Got stolen!

What didn't say sooner? - You guys didn't send the message.

Was I supposed to broadcast the message just like that?

Oh God!

Betrayal on the tower.

How did it get stolen? - One day I was getting out of call center

and a few unknown caller Ids followed me.

Caller Ids? - Goons. - Okay.

And they requested me to give them my phone.

What does that mean?

Now she is talking normal. - I see.

Why didn't you file a police complaint?

Why would I do that?

They were nice people. They took my phone

and gave me a balance of Rs. 15,000.

Rs. 15,000 cash.

They gave me such a nice deal.

They gave me Rs. 15,000 for a phone worth 10,000.

Brother, we wasted our talk time on her for no reason.

I say, let's go.

Yes. - Let's go.

Hold! You can't put an ongoing call on airplane mode.

But we can decline the call.

Let's go.

What a waste of balance. I should've rather spoken to customer care.

Click Now

Come on let's go. Hold on!

Please check the number of... Wait.

The memory card of my brain got corrupted because of Simran.

Call that thief.

That thief still has Simran's phone. Call him. - Yes.

It was not reachable earlier. - At least try first.

Yes, we can try it.

The police complaint hasn't been filed yet.

I will show him a police station. Wait. - Yes.

It's ringing. Yes!

It's Tote speaking. - Tell him, you're a cop.

Hello! It's Totapari Aam speaking.

No, ***! It's the inspector calling.

Are you deaf? We got a complaint about you

from a girl. You stole her phone?

You fool!

Is he swearing at you? - He is happy. He says, come to his address.

Address. I don't have a pen and a paper. How will I note?

Message you on Watsapp?

Why? Yes, I'm sending 'hi'. Send me the live location.

Yes. See you soon.

Yes, miss you too.

Stop giving kisses ***. Am I your girlfriend?

Fool! - What was that?

He was a gone case. - So what should we do now?

We must go. - Yes, let's go. Wait.

I have an idea. - What? - Let's go in disguise. - Quiet!

Just be quiet! - No need to change guise.

We had gone in disguise last time. How did it help?

It was fun. - Quiet! I have learned my lesson.

I won't repeat the mistake.

It's not the time... - Leave it. Let's go.

Let's go like this. We will go wearing civilian clothes.

Yes. They wear civil dress too.

I am very scared.

Tote, are you sure that it's the right location?

That's what it shows in the map. It's written in the message.

'Deep inside the green dent.'

I am very scared.

What happened? - That's what I'm asking. What happened?


Blood! - It's betel leaf marks, not blood.

Betel leaf! Oh, they stabbed in the mouth!

Somebody has spit a betel leaf.

Oh, someone got stabbed in the stomach and he shouted, Aah!

Be quiet, Tote! What nonsense!

One problem is there and one is here. - Where? - I'm talking about you.

Alright then. - You've driven me crazy.

Must that thief hide in that ruin? Let's go!


Is that the right place?


This ruin is so good front he inside. It's different on the outside.

How do they eat in that plate?


Tote, it's a bar. - What? But we are inside.

It's a bar. A bar! It's a dance bar.

Is it? When we get 30 million,

we will come here throw checks. - Be quiet!

We'll throw blank checks. Without a sign. - Just be quiet!

Don't speak about money everywhere.

Now you won't say millions anymore. Now you will say packet.

Packet? Bhagam Bhag. - Yes. That.

You won't say 30 million. You will say three... - Packets.

Good! - 3 packets.

Packets. Okay.

I think, he is the thief. - He?

I don’t think so.

I have a brilliant idea. - Don't use your brain. Please!

Okay, I wont.

Let's call the thief.

Hello! - He is the thief. Let's go.

Walk with an attitude. Walk with an attitude.

Hello! Hello! - Hey, get down!

Get down! - You sent us the location!

Do I look like a driver to you? - You steal phones of innocent girls.

You thief!

Do I look like a thief to you? I am a lawyer!

Don't think, I would be fooled by you. ***.

How dare you hit me! I am going to...

Brothers! - Hey!

Now you speak. Come on, speak!

Sir, you got offended.

We are police officers.

You are police officers! - Yes. - Where is your uniform then?

I told you so! - To... Inspector Toteshwar.

We are off duty so we came in civil clothes.

That means you guys are real officers!

Yes. - Yes.

I've been waiting for this day.

This calls for a celebration.

Sorry, sir! I'm very sorry

for pointing guns at you.

You are our lords.

What is going on here? Why are you so happy to see us cops?

Why won't we be happy, sir?

Today police has come to arrest Bhalla Bhai.

His lifelong dream is about to be fulfilled.

So, Mr. Bhalla. - I am not Mr. Bhalla.

He is Mr. Bhalla.

Hi, guys! - That is Mr. Bhalla!

See! See!

Always this happens. I told you to dress appropriately.

You look like a sales person in shirt and tie.

Stop shaving beard. Wear some chains.

He saves hair on his d*** too. - Hey!

What is this language, hair on d***?

It's called pubic hair, okay? - You are hopeless.

What are you doing, Kundra? - Kundra?

Hey, do you have the link?

I don't do that kind of work, but I can arrange it.

Wait. Hold on! What is going on here?

Wait. I will explain.

He is Mr. Bhalla.

Crime is his family business.

His grandfather. He has a record.

30 murders.

Our boss, his father. 60 murders.

And this, Mr. Bhalla. 90...

ashish chanchlani otp the lottery chapter 2 download

percent in MBA. Great!

Congratulations! He wanted to study.

He wanted to be a first bencher.

He inherited the throne due to nepotism.

But he could never become a crime lord. Police never arrested him.

Whenever he tries to commit a crime,

he ends up doing good deed. Therefore his name is Mr. Bhalla.

One time he committed a crime by mistake.

He stole a girl's phone. But then he felt guilty.

He is soft-hearted. He respects women.

So he gave that woman Rs. 15 thousand.

Consent is important, Kundra.

It's won't be a crime if you have their consent.

It would be called loan. - Talent verses nepotism.

One time we had a matter with Afzal Tonda gang.

He was supposed to break their bones.

And slash them. But what did he do?

He made a diss track!

Now we will make diss track and do rap battle.

We will be doing Bboying?

That's the trend, bro!

Have you heard him speaking in English! He speaks fluent English.

I told him don't speak in English. It's frowned upon in the crime world.

When we go for extortion,

we says, old geezer, ante up!

Or I will shoot you right now!

Understood! I will set your house on fire!

How he speaks.

Hey, over smart little champ, give me my money

otherwise this thing will be lit as *** man!

Hey! Nice! You are getting here.

Break a glass over my head! I am losing my mind!

No. Only break hearts, no glass.

We are meeting weird characters since we started looking for the OTP.

Sir, tell us, what charges you are making to arrest

Mr. Bhalla? Is it 302, 390...

No. Wait.

These crimes are too violent for me.

I want to go for soft crimes, you know.

I have a list. I've given it to Kundra. Right?

Listen to the soft list of our Mr. Softy.

Spitting on the road.

Urinating under a building.

Over speeding. Piracy.

Cyber bullying. Defamation. Roaming without a mask. - Yeah.

That's right. - Watching porn.

Yeah. - Now we'll go to jail for jerking off. - Hey! Vulgar.

That's called masturbation.

That's what your father should've done on that night.

Tote, how are we going to get out of here?

What about the OTP? - Lower your voice.

Yes, Gotya. Speak. - Hey!

Call him Ballsy.

Yes, Ballsy. Speak.

Ballsy is screwed.

He got arrested.

Lawyer, we need a bail.

Dried or with gravy?

***. I said, bail, not bhel (snack).

I don't know how to post a bail.

What kind of a *** lawyer are you?

You only allowed me to study about how to get arrested.

You didn't let me study about how to get them out?

You said, put him behind bars, we won't get him out. - Is it?

Sir, do one work. Leave all that.

Mr. Bhalla is going to jail for the first time.

How will he go to jail? Fulfill his dream.

Tell us the procedure.

In order to arrest Mr. Bhalla...

We need that phone which he took from the girl.

We don't have the phone. - Yeah, we don't have.

So, you might have a SIM card. - Yes, we have the SIM card.

He is using it. - Smart!

So where's the SIM card? - It's inside the phone.

Where's the phone? - On the desk.

Don't waste time. The SIM card is in this phone. Take it.

You're breaking the rhythm, man.

Thank you, Mr. Kundra. You're a responsible citizen. Mr. Bhalla.

We will take it to the police station and investigate it.

And we will arrest you by tomorrow.

Not tomorrow. Arrest him today. Fulfill his dream

today. I have an appointment tomorrow. Please!

Let us go and speak to the department.

Then we will come with force and come in a uniform too.

Yes! The uniform! That would be great!

I would make a great photo. - It should be realistic.


Alright. Inspector Toteshwar, let's go.

Nalle! Tote!

What are you guys doing here?

What is he doing here?

Did you also take loan from him?

Ravi, you never told me you have connections with the police.

Police who? - These guys.

Police and them! Nobody would hire them even as watchmen.

How would they become police officers?

We are leaving. It's too late.

It's our lunch time now. Let's go!

Who are you guys?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Sir, I'm Navin.

He is Tarun. We had come here

looking for his ex-girlfriend's number.

We found Mr. Bhalla had stolen that number.

But we thought it might be a small time thief.

So we entered posing as police officers. We didn't

know he turned out to be a mob boss.

I'm sorry. We are not police officers! - You fooled me!

You've made a fool out of Mr. Kundra. You've made a fool out of me!

I won't spare you! - No! Don't shoot!

Mr. Bhalla, an OTP will be sent on the number

we are looking for. We have a won a lottery.

3... - We have won Rs. 200,000!

Rs. 200,000! You can keep 50 percent.

Let us go, please! - I take Rs. 100,000.

Should I just take Rs. 100,000?

Mr. Bhalla spends that much money on Bournvita.

Have you guys no shame?

Have you guys no shame at all? You dared play with our emotions!

Police had come to our place for the first time.

You have shattered that dream too.

I'm going to shoot both of you! - No!

Mr. Bhalla won't be benefited if you shoot us.

Mr. Bhalla won't go to jail but you will.

Oh man! That is also right. - Put it down.

But Mr. Bhalla can shoot them.

Mr. Bhalla will be jailed for murder case if he shoots them.

No! No! No!

Yes. - Do it, Mr. Bhalla!

Murder! Murder! Murder!

Murder! Mr. Bhalla! Mr. Bhalla! - Hey!

Enough of your drama!

You've dared to fool me!

Both of you

will be blocked on Instagram.

What nonsense!

What are you doing?

How are we going to sent Mr. Bhalla to jail?

There's an option of vulgarity act.

We will have girls dance at our dance bar.

It's not a dance bar anymore.

Mr. Bhalla has turned it into a lounge.

Family comes to dance here. Family dance bar.

He won't have girls dance here. Soft corner.

He respects girls. - Boss!

I have an idea!

Guys, join them. Come on, hurry up!

Yes. Yes.

You also dance a little.

Hello, police!

It's Mr. Bhalla speaking.

Guys stop!

Guys, congratulations!

Police have arrived! Police have arrived! - What a good news!

Police have arrived!

Police have arrived!

Fools, give me a better one.

Who had called us? - It was Mr. Bhalla!

Who is the owner of this dance bar?

Mr. Bhalla.

Who is having girls dance here? - Mr. Bhalla!

You are great. You invited the police at your dance bar for raid.

You are such a nice man.

You should be rewarded. - No. Wait!

Wait. Won't you arrest me? - What!

No. You are wrong. - No.

He is the bar owner. He was making girls dance here.

Show me those girls.

I want to arrest them. That's illegal. Move aside.

Move. He won't be arrested. He needs rest.

They didn't arrest me. - Come on, get up! Call lady officers.

Gents in saree! What is this?

Put them in the vehicle. - Come on!

They are fond of dancing.

They were dancing in saree.

Now I will make them dance at the police station.

Come on, take them away.

People these days have strange behavior. Take them. - Arrest him.

Side! Side please!

Give me my gun!

I will shoot these policemen.

Move! - I hope, there's no media!

Move! - Sir, wait.

Sir! - Get them in the vehicle.

Sir, wait. Please sir!

Sir, it's a big misunderstanding.

You do look like a miss.

Now make me understand what is all that?

I will explain. - Okay, explain.

Tell me. - Sir, his brother had called from America in the morning.

He has sent him 10 bitcoins.

He won't understand about bitcoins. Explain him in easy words.

His brother told him,

he has sent him 3 packets.

Tote, what are you saying? Are you crazy?

Don't listen to him. He is speaking nonsense. Be quiet! - The packets!

No. Don't say that in front of the police. Be quiet!

Hey! - Sir, that's not true. There's no packet.

He was talking about millions. - Hey! What nonsense!

Sir, there are three packets. - It's 30 million.

Packets! - Millions.

Packets! - Millions.

You stupid. - You idiot!

Three packets. - 30 millions.

Sir, I think, it's three packets worth 30 million.

You stupid!


It's all because of you.

Because of me? Because of me?

Of course. What was the need to say

30 million in front of them?

You call me a fool but you act like one.

You shameless fellow, we are here because of you. - Quiet!

I had almost convinced him with my packet story.

But you kept shouting about millions.

They think we were talking about drugs.

What drugs? - Packet means drugs.

You said it means millions. - It was my code word.

You should've told me it's your code word.

Sir, packet was a code word for drugs.

It's a code word for money, not drugs, Tote.

It's your fault that we are here.

You! I won't spare you!

Hey! - Half murder!

Come on, get out! Leave!

Go home! You are free.

Your friend has vouched for you.

Friend! What friend?

Hi, guys!

Thank you so much, sir! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

Hey, the score between us is settled.

And tell me one thing. Are you sure, they are not involved in drugs?

They are too broke to be involved in drugs.

Trust me. There's nothing like that. - Okay.

Come on, get up! Are you going to settle down here or what?

Bye! Meet you soon!

Bye! - Thank you very much!

Thank you my savior!

May your betting business flourish ten folds.

So screwball...

Did you enjoy all that?

You've won a lottery and didn't tell your friend.

Ravi, there's no lottery.

We need an OTP for that lottery.

The OTP will come on Mr. Bhalla's number.

I don't know how to get the SIM card.

I'll go and get it. - What are you going to get?

You are not going to borrow sugar from neighbor aunt.

Mr. Bhalla's goons are already traumatized,

they will traumatize us if we go.

How are we going to to get the SIM card? I want that SIM card.

What SIM card? Are you talking about this SIM card?

Ravi! Ravi, how did you get that SIM card?

While you guys were dancing,

I swiped it.

Ravi, you're a genius. Thank you!

Back off! Back off!

Son, this thank you is going to cost you.

There you go. Now he'll also demand a share. - Gross!

What kind of a friend asks for a share?

Tell me, how much do you want?

50 percent.

Hey! Are you out of your mind? Get lost!

Okay. - Ravi! Ravi!

The exit is that way. - Tote, be quiet!

Come here, man. I said, get lost, that

means there's a room for negotiation.

Don't just leave like that.

Ravi, my friend, 50 percent is too much. Are you out of your mind?

Great! You were willing to give 50 percent to Mr. Bhalla!

I'm want 50 percent from the same 200,000,

but you are refusing to me.

Oh yes, Tote!

We have won a lottery of Rs. 200,000.

Ravi wants 50 percent from that.

50 percent!

Ravi, how are we going to give you Rs. 50 percent?

We won't be left with much. - Please Ravi! Don't do that.

We can't give you that much.

Bur you have to. - Today he has dragged money in our friendship.

Let's give him 50 percent.

You are very generous.

Do one work, don't give me my 10 percent.

Fine. - I'm kidding, you jerk. - I know.

Alright, Ravi! I will give you 50 percent.

In that case, take this.

Well done, Ravi! Tote, SIM card. - Check the OTP.

You can check the OTP after putting it in a phone. Take it.

Come on, let's go home. It was a long day.

Listen, I will give you your share once I get the money. Understood?

Thank you! - Dirt poor! Did I have to meet all the leeches today?

It was such a bad day.

My mind is completely screwed.

Oh! Look at that! - Hey!

It was on my body, I will keep it.

Hey, where's the SIM card?

It in my other phone. Here.

A man like you has another phone!

It's possible. After all, you talk so much.

One phone must not be enough for you. Come.

You log in, I'm going to take a dump.

You've been dumping all day, is there more left to dump?


Tote, where is my laptop?

I will log in using my phone.


Is it done?

Are you... Are you making a video of me?

Ritu, I told you, don't make a video of me. I look funny.

Come here! Hey!


For the sake of some money

I had thought, I would meet Ritu.

No! No! No! No, Navin!

It's been six years. Don't call her now.

Well, one call won't change anything, Navin.

Tote, I just called Ritu and this phone is ringing.

Tote, this number ends with 600, not 500.

That means, Mr. Bhalla had Ritu's number.

That means, Simran had Ritu's number.

In that case, where's that number that ends with 500?

What is this confusion? Tote, what is going on?

I don't know. Life is showing so many twists and turns.

Like Abbas Mastaan's movies.

I see!

Simran had Ritu's number.


They might be childhood friends.

They may have exchanged the SIM. - That's not possible.

Ritu didn't even know Simran.

And I didn't talk about exchanging numbers.

So how did you know that they exchanged the numbers?

Predictable storyline. What else could it be?

ashish chanchlani otp the lottery chapter 2 download

There was only one common connecting line

between Simran and Ritu.

Facebook! - No.

A bird, who is keeping the truth from me.

And if he doesn't tell me the truth,

then I will pluck all its feather. So, tell me!

I will tell you. So listen...

You were upset when you had a break-up with Ritu.

Ritu was more upset. She needed support.

So I gave her my shoulder hoping that I would become her man.

You rascal! Have you no shame eying on your friend's girlfriend!

No! Whatever happened it happened after your break-up.

I swear. I swear on my 10 percent.

There was so much love, care

and affection between us.

Only from my side. One sided.

I will make you pay later for that. First, tell me.

How did Ritu get Simran's number?

You see, you kept calling her after break up.

So she was very annoyed.

And I got annoyed seeing her annoyed.

So I gave her a simple idea.

I said, he bothers you, right?

You give me the 600 ending number to me.

I have an extra number ending with 500. You keep it.

You fool! You are worse than Simran.

What was the need to exchange the SIM cards?

You should've told Ritu to block me on the phone.

But then you've called her by a different number.

Then she could've blocked that number too.

When was she supposed to study if she kept blocking number?

I will punch you!

How could Ritu give you her number so easily?

How can she refuse me?

Can this happen?

But she was willing to do anything to get away from you.

Then? - Then I became her shoulder to lean on.

And she sent me to someplace

from where no man has returned.

Tell me, where did she send you?

To friendzone.

Dangerous than red zone. - What happened next?

Then what? Then Simran entered my life.

She became my girlfriend. So I had to give her

the number that ends with 600. - And now you are telling me that!

We could've ended up in jail.

Couldn't you tell me that sooner?

I didn't want you to know all that.

It could end our friendship.

And I really don't know if the OPT will be sent on 500 or 600.

I don't remember by which number I had registered.

What if the OTP comes on the 500's number.

Don't be so negative. First, give it a try.

Try once more. Try once more.

Nalle, what are you doing? You only tried four times.

You! I'm going to kill you!

You ***! - I'm sorry!

I'm sorry! Please forgive me!

I know, it's all my fault. Also

I am genuinely sorry about the Ritu matter.

I feel very guilty. I promise you,

today onwards I will never

exchange numbers! - You, Tote!

We have no other option left.

Now we need to go and meet Ritu.

I am calling Ritu.

Call the number that ends with 500.

You can also call on the one that ends with 600.

Hello, Ritu?

Hello, aunt! - Aunt has the number? - ***.

Aunt, I'm Ritu's old...

Lover. - Lover.

Old friend. I'm her old friend.

I need to speak to Ritu.

What? When?

Okay, aunt.

I'll meet Ritu the day after tomorrow.

What? Okay, aunt! Okay.

What happened?

What happened, Nalle?

It's Ritu's wedding tomorrow.

What should we do? How can we go to her wedding?

Exactly. I don't have any good clothes. - Tote!

I meant, how will enter the wedding? We don't have the invitation card.

So we won't go tomorrow. We'll go the next day.

Ritu is going to London the day after tomorrow. - What?

Tomorrow wedding and then honeymoon!

Tote, we must meet Ritu tomorrow at her wedding.

Or we will lose everything. What should we do?

What should we do? Tote.

Tote, there's one man

who would have definitely received the wedding invitation.

Hey! "I am intoxicated

and she... - Ghajini!

Tote, his Ghajini mode is on.

Nalle! Tote!

He remembered us.

A ball at the wedding.

Take it.

Jut keep walking. Don't make eye contact. - Excuse me, sir!

Can you please come here? You need to make an entry first.

One second. Who are you guys?

He is Aamir Khan, I'm John Abraham and that is Hrithik Roshan.

We came here to have a ball.

Are you blind? Can't you see? I'm the groom! - I'm the groom!

Who will the bride marry if both of you are grooms?

We will play musical chair and the bride will marry the winner.

What do you care? Just mind your own business! Let's go. - No, stop!

Only that person can enter whose name is in the list.

It's the rule of our event company.

I will thrash you. - One minute.

Let me handle that.

My name must be in the list. Check it.

Sanjay L Singhania.

Yes, sir. Your name is here. Only you can enter.

Okay. - Hey, where are you going?

By the way do you have any car in the parking?

Yes, there is. Why? Do you want to go on a drive?

No, sir. I need your car's number.

For valet purpose. - I see. Note down the number.

Yes, sir.

One almond burger and one white sauce pasta. Quickly!

Sir, why are you ordering food?

Am I supposed to order clothes at a hotel and not food?

Are you taking the order or shall I complain to your boss?

Sir, you are ordering again. Tell me about your car.

I will eat inside the hotel, not in my car.

What kind of people work here? - Ghajini.

One almond burger, one white sauce paste and?

White sauce my foot, you crazy fellow!

I've been asking you to write the number, but you are taking orders.

Hey! Whose child is that?

It's our child.

Then send him for Olympics. Why did you bring him to wedding?

He keeps hitting at one spot. He is so good

at aiming he'll be the next Neeraj Chopra.

This is my wedding. Get out! Leave!

Crazy people leave their children with a ball after giving birth.

And you! I'll show you my invitation.

This is wrong, mister.

I came here first. I'll place my order first.



He fell asleep! Hey, wake up!

Who will write the car's number, your father? - Hey!

Ghajini, he is taking a power nap.

Just let's go to the wedding. We are stuck here! - His

power nap!

Nalla. Tote, I don't know why I feel like

eating white sauce pasta all of a sudden.

Ghajini, hold on!

Let me find the bride's room.

The function hasn't started yet.


Sir, where is the bride's room?

The bride? Can you see that second floor?

Yes. - Oh my God! He is crazy. Run!

Where are you going?

Who gets married during rain?

Some people like to get married.

Come on, let's go.

Nalle, take care of this man.

Oh, yes. Ghajini, please come here.


I want to place an order. Where are you taking me? - One moment, sir.

Sir, someone wants your order.

We are going to save that order.

You stay here. Don't let anyone come upstairs.

The kitchen is upstairs. You could lose your order, okay?

Come on, let's go. - They are such nice people.

Tote, check where is the bride's room?

Bride's den.

Where's her room then? - That's the room.

Let's enter then. - Wait.

We can't enter just like that. - Why?

We need to knock first.

Ritu, I'm really sorry. Let's go.

What are you doing here?

One second! How did both of you enter here?

Varsha, I came to meet Ritu and not to you.

Don't interfere today, okay?

Ritu. No, Navin, get out!

Out! - Varsha!

I'll handle it. - Payal, can you please give us a minute?


Hi, Ritu.


What are you doing here?

It's your wedding today.

I would've regretted all my life if I had not come here today.

Regret? And you?

Where is your ego now?

Ritu, I accept that I was very egoistic.

But now I realized,

we need to keep our ego aside to achieve some things.

Is it?

You didn't keep your ego aside when it was needed.

Ritu, I'm sorry.

Okay, I'm really sorry.

Now your sorry has no use, Navin.

Ritu, it matters. It matters a lot.

If I give my best and I have your support

then a lot can happen.

No, Navin.

It's too late now.

Ritu, we are not late.

There's still time.

If we try again

then OTP will definitely come.

What? - Yes, Ritu.

Tote, send forgot password.

Ritu is getting late for her wedding.


What the ***!

So you are here for an OTP!

I thought.... - You thought what?

I thought you came to take me with you.

No, it's nothing like that. I have come for your number.


I heard, you make people naked. - What?

And you leave them for dead. - What the ***?


Would you like to exchange numbers with me?

Can you please shut the *** up?

I can't. I'm Tote.

So you said all that

for an OTP! - Yes.

No. Not everything.

The sorry part was

genuinely for you.

I am actually very sorry, Ritu.

Ritu (weather). Varsha (rain).

Your dad's name must be Badal (cloud).

Excuse me! - Clouds bring rainy weather.

Navin, you're useless as ***!

You are still the same how you used to be. - I know that.

Therefore, I came to you asking for help.

Ritu, I need your number that ends with 500.

Why? - That fool Tote has registered his email id on that number.

And we forgot its password.

So we want to log into our account...

...through the OTP from your number.

Come close. - Me?


Navin, you fool!

You came to my wedding to login into an email Id.

An email Id!

Ritu, it's not what you're thinking. We didn't just come for the Email Id.

Actually, our bitcoins are in that email.

It costs Rs. 30 million.

What? I said, millions this time.

I didn't say packets.

Do you know packet is a code word for drugs?

Tote, keep your mouth shut!

Ritu, I know this sounds really silly.

But you are leaving for London tomorrow.

We had no other option.

We would've lost the number and everything would’ve ruined.

You know, I don't believe you.

You are showing your face after 6 years.

That too, for a number.

Ritu, looks. That's not true. I was ready to meet you.

But your brother yelled at me so much after our break-up...

How would I talk?

I don't have any brother.

I have a sister and...

And you know her. - What?

So who yelled at me on the phone! - Hey, son of a mother!

If you call my sister,

I will open a wet umbrella in your behind.

Wasn't that something like that?

Tote! Rascal, it was you!

There you go. Your brother-in-law's shoe.

Go, hide it. - Ritu.

Ritu, listen to me. Ritu, I genuinely need that number.

Please help me!

We have been struggling so much since yesterday.

We are at our limit. We are exhausted now, Ritu.

You are my last hope.

Please help me as a friend at least.

Thank you, Ritu!

Thank you so much! You are helping me even even after all that.

I'll always be thankful to you.

Take the OTP and leave.

I have to get married.

If you don't mind. - Sure.


Tote, come here.

Have you typed the email ID? - Yes, it's ready.


Okay. Forgot password.

It's done.


Tote, quickly enter the OTP.

6-9-6-7-4. Enter it!

It's logged in!

Ritu, thank you so much!

Here is your phone. Bye!

Come on, Tote. Let's go.

I'm genuinely very sorry. For everything.

Have a happy married life, Ritu!

Let's go to the wedding. - What wedding? It's over.

Where have you been? We were looking for you. Let's go!

Excuse me, I need a SIM card.

Oh! You! - Tote, you!

Sunil. - Yes, boss!

Give that girl a life time subscription card.

So that she won't ask any boy to pay for her balance.

Okay, boss!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Let's welcome with a huge round of applause,

the very majestic, our very own founder,

Mr. Navin Dhanwani.

Whoo! Whoo!

Thank you, Bharti! Thank you so much!

The stage is all yours.

Thank you for that wonderful speech!

Okay, boys and girls.

I am very excited to announce

my very own crytocurrency


Let's make Luncoin the biggest currency.

Hashtag, Lun to the moon.

Hashtag, Elon on my Lun.

No. Don't send them our coins through a mail.

If you send them, tell them to remember their ID and password.

I know, how painful it gets.

Okay. - What?

6 SIM cards! Same numbers.

Last numbers different.

I am sorry!

Hang up!

Tote, you seem very busy in your life.

How is your business?

It's going great. I'm enjoying it.

Finally, the OTP came to Ritu.

Ritu is so lucky for me.

For me as well.

I mean, I also got 10 percent because of her.

I got some money left.

I wonder, where to invest it. - I'll tell you. - Where?

On my ***.

Tote, look!

Who is calling! - Answer it.

Put it on speaker mode.

You scoundrel!

Where have you been?

Nothing. I was busy with a family problem.

Problem? Is everything okay?

Yes. Now everything is fine.

Thank God! - Okay, listen.

I want to tell both of you something.

We also want to tell you something.

No, I will speak first. It's very important.

Okay, you speak.

I just found out that my great great grandfather

was a goldsmith during the British era.

He had prepared many golden bullets for the queen of that time.

Because the queen was fond of guns.

Yes, so?

So my grandfather had buried those bullets somewhere.

I just found the map of that place.

Would you please help me?

No! Not possible! No! - No!

What happened? Why are you still there?

There will not be a chapter three.

This is not an Avenger movie that your are waiting for post credit scenes.

Leave. It's over!


Ritu, by the way... - Get lost!

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