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lockdown put out another song and video earlier this week and said the track is like being locked in a store and being robbed by someone, with the safety of knowing you can leave at any time.


Crawford said a rapper he knew in Texas created the song, and though Crawford recorded his verse before the lockdown happened, he's still aware of what happened and is playing it at his concerts as a way to send the message to those guys who committed that crime.


On Wednesday, Crawford released a statement about his song and video.


I had some words, but then things went down in Dallas, Texas where it was discovered there was a lockdown in a high school there. I don't know how much I can say, but I will say this: I understand the gravity of the situation and I don't feel the right to keep the lockdown song off the air right now. If the right people hear the song, then maybe we can create a plan to resolve the lockdown situation.


I understand the implications of what I am saying, but I am not in a position to apologize to those who lost their lives. I will continue to focus on raising awareness of the need to have protection in schools. Also, I encourage all teachers, parents and kids to focus on getting proper protection on our campuses to prevent those situations.


Jason Walton, Crawford's manager and a member of his management team at Cruz Entertainment, said Thursday that it's ridiculous the lockdown happened in Crawford's hometown.


Walton said the lockdown came after a teacher accidentally left the classroom door open. While it's an unfortunate situation, Walton said Crawford felt the song and video should be played to try to make things better.


I don't think that any of us would want our own child to be locked up for 24 hours in a room and not have someone take care of them, but he just couldn't resist, Walton said.


Walton added that Crawford is still living in the moment, and is planning to move forward with future projects.


A Facebook page associated with Crawford's account listed a Dallas address in August and promoted a concert on Oct. 25 at the House of Blues Dallas, which didn't happen. The page was deleted after the lockdown, and Crawford's Facebook account and music page are also set to private.


Crawford was scheduled to perform in Houston Thursday night, but the concert was canceled. His next scheduled appearance is Friday night in Los Angeles.


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Producer Michael King, who has worked with Crawford in the past, said the lockdown story was hard to hear and that he wished Crawford had a chance to go into detail with his song.


People in these situations should think of themselves first and not their own interest, King said. There is so much attention to just the lockdown.


King, whose album Things Fall Apart is being released on Oct. 20, said the song was supposed to be titled Lockdown, and that it would have been an inspirational song.


He added, Unfortunately, people put their safety first, and that is no way to live life.


Crawford was born in Amarillo in 1990 and grew up in Madisonville, Texas, outside of Dallas, according to the Texas Education Agency.


Crawford graduated in 2010 from Randolph College, a liberal arts college in Virginia, with a degree in musical theater. He moved to Nashville in 2013.


He often posts videos on Instagram, but a recent post read: All my photos are gonna change, so stop wanting to see that lame ass Instagram account. I'll post that song later. Don't forget that life goes on and that at some point the lockdown story in Dallas won't be a thing.


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twitter email Jason Walton talks about opening day of Crawford album release Jason Walton and Marceo Murray on opening day of release of band Crawford's album Lockdown. Walton and Murray on why it was good to share the music outside of the country world. Courtney Crawford / Crawford Entertainment


There have been 12 school shootings since the beginning of 2015, according to the National Association of School Resource Officers. There have been 12 school shootings since the beginning of 2015.


Since the 2009 school shooting in Newtown, Conn., the frequency and intensity of shootings in the United States have risen steadily, according to the Washington Post.


On Thursday, several Twitter users posted news of the lockdown story and Crawford's song.


Lockdown: Joe Crawford song, wrote one person. Nobody is happy.


Lockdown: Joe Crawford song... Nobody is happy pic.twitter.com/D8j22Et59I — Lance Ray (@lanceray10) October 13, 2016


Mike Crawford working to get on stage because there was a lockdown. All his old music shows. pic.twitter.com/TrNDiVLZlQ — Jonathan Martin (@jmartnews10) October 13, 2016


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Corie L. Louis contributed to this report


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